Hapag-Lloyd LIVE: installations for real-time tracking of standard containers starts in August

Back in April, we announced that we would be the first shipping company in the world to outfit all of its standard containers with technology for real-time data transmission. This will soon allow us to track our containers around the globe and collect data from them – to boost transparency for us and our customers.

Once the devices are permanently installed on our containers, they will be able to transmit data in real time and thereby make supply chains more transparent and efficient. For example, they will provide GPS-based location data, measure temperatures, and monitor sudden vibrations of the container. In the coming weeks, we will start to equip our container fleet with devices from the well-known TradeTech company Nexxiot AG and, as of the end of the year, as well with devices from ORBCOMM, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The mass installation of tracking devices in our depots worldwide will begin at the end of August 2022. Our Hapag-Lloyd LIVE product will become available for customers of standard containers in early 2023.Then, by end of 2023, we will be able to track our entire dry container fleet and thereby continue to advance the digitalisation of container shipping.

The new technology will offer us the advantages of being able to create visibility, detect delays earlier, automatically inform any affected customers, and initiate the appropriate countermeasures.

Olaf Habert, Director Container Applications

“Our vision is to build the smartest container fleet in the world and provide our customers with valuable information at the frequency they need.”

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