User Guide: Tracing by Booking

At this page you can view the tracing information for all containers related to a specific booking or a specific Bill of Lading. In addition, you can display tracing details for each container individually.

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Screen area: Search

Enter the Booking number or the Bill of Lading number to which your desired container is related to. Press 'Find' to display the search result.

Screen area: List of Containers


The result table shows you general and special tracing information about your containers related to your booking or Bill of Lading.

Column: Bill of Lading Number

Shows you the Bill of Lading number the container is related to.

Column: Type

Shows you the ISO-type of the container.

Column: Status

Shows you the last tracing status of the container.

  • STRI  =    Stripping finished
  • STUF =    Stuffing finished

Column: Place of Activity

Shows you the place of the last activity of the container.

Button: Details

To view more details for a container select the respective row and click this button. You will be led to the page Tracing by container.

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