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Live Position

Our smart container fleet takes your tracking experience to a new level: Live Position enables you to track your container in real time throughout the entire journey. From ship to rail to truck – benefit from full visibility no matter which mode of transport is used. The data is based on smart IoT1 devices that are attached to the respective container and track the exact position on container level. They also provide an overview of the entire shipment and its location.   

Live Position is available for all dry containers that are equipped with a smart IoT device. Most of our containers are already equipped with a tracking device and our container fleet will be fully equipped in the course of 2024. Apart from container location, Live Position also shows the distance traveled inland and provides an overview for the planned and updated ETA of your shipment. Live Position is accessible through the Tracking application in the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite.   

Your Benefits

Door-to-Door Visibility 

Full transparency on shipment and container data throughout the entire multimodal journey.  

Data-Driven Decisions  

Real-time position updates enables improved decision-making and risk mitigation.   

Better Planning

Full control and more efficient management of the digital supply chain without blind spots. 


How to Book Live Position

  1. Place your booking with Hapag-Lloyd.  
  2. Choose one of the ways below to purchase Live Position.  
    1. Go to the Quote section and select New Quote. Choose between Quick Quotes and Quick Quotes Spot. Select your quotation tool and easily add Live Position after entering your routing details.  
    2. Go to the Additional Services page in the Online Business Suite and click on Live Position. Enter your Booking number, agree to the terms and conditions, and click on “Purchase Live Position.” 
  3. After adding Live Position, you can track your container or entire shipment by entering your container or shipment number in the Live Position application.  

Key Features

  • All data at a glance: With Live Position, you can see the exact status of all your containers within a shipment including ETA.  
  • Most recent updates: Receive status updates and changes in real time and get an updated ETA of your shipments based on recent events.  
  • Visualized detailed information: Track your containers all over the world and trace the inland leg.  
  • Multimodal transparency: Be in control of your shipments no matter where they are or what mode of transportation is being used.  
  • 24/7 online availability: Through the Online Business Suite, you can track your shipments whenever it suits you.  
  • Download your data: Use all your data offline thanks to the csv download feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Track your shipment in real time – worldwide and regardless of the used mode of transport. All our containers get equipped with smart devices to collect information in real time, transfer them into our system, and make them available whenever you need them.  

Yes, you do. Just enter either container or shipment number to access the Live Position data. Your data will be displayed in an intuitive overview that provides you with location data of all containers within your shipment. By clicking on the respective row, you can access the single container view where all container-based tracking data is displayed.  

Yes. Live Position provides you with the ETA of all containers within a shipment. In addition, you will be provided with a comprehensive overview whether all containers arrive on the scheduled ETA or if not, an updated ETA will be available and shown.  

You can book it directly in the Online Business Suite. To purchase Live Position, either add it to your existing booking via the Additional Services page or directly add it to your quotation via Quick Quotes or Quick Quotes Spot. Live Position can be added to a booking at any stage during the transport until reaching the destination.  

Live Position provides position details in latitude and longitude. With our web solution within the Online Business Suite, we provide a customer centric context to the data by adding shipment details, EPOS event data, and a world map where the container position will be visualized. In the future we might add ETA prediction and even can connect additional sensors to collect further data on your demand. 

Our containers are available worldwide, as will Live Position be. You can track our containers and your cargo whenever it is in reach of a GPS signal. 

The container can be tracked in real-time with updated location once every hour when moving.  

Yes, you can. We enable you to track your shipments everywhere and provide an industrywide unique and seamless tracking experience - regardless of the location or transportation mode. 

We as Hapag-Lloyd take the protection of data very seriously, hence the personal real-time data is only accessible for logged-in customers for their respective shipments.

You can access Live Position via our Online Business Suite. By entering the container number, you can track all your respective shipments/containers that are equipped with a device. Live Position is only available to logged-in customers. 

Currently Live Position can only be accessed via our Online Business Suite, but it is set to be expanded by an API interface in a later version. 

Live Position enables you to experience the newest IoT Technology and will bring your supply chain planning to the next stage. In the beginning of next year Live Position will be rolled out globally for bookings that include an equipped container.

Live Position will be available for $25 per container. During the promotion phase, we charge only $10 per container.   


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