No more delayed offers: How Quick Quotes benefits AD Shipping

Agility and speed are keys to success in today’s highly competitive logistics industry. Freight companies need to focus on their customers’ needs while adapting to changing market conditions quickly.

Founded in 2016, AD Shipping is a Brazil-based freight forwarder that provides services in maritime and air transport. Customer centricity is of upmost importance to the business. Customer Service Specialist Dayane Kroth and her team always strive to offer their customers and partners the best possible solutions in logistics.

One of the challenges AD Shipping has faced in the past is the delay in receiving sea freight quotations from ocean carriers. Once requested, it could take several days to receive an offer. As a result, AD Shipping couldn’t respond to their customer enquiries as quickly as they would have liked to. On top of that, rates were sometimes not competitive.

Kroth recently started using Hapag-Lloyd’s new Quick Quotes tool. “We use Quick Quotes every day now,” she says. “It’s a great tool because it is fast and easy. In a few minutes, we have the quotations, wherever we are, 24 hours a day.”

AD Shipping can now help its clients to turn around shipments quickly and cost-efficiently. While improving the customer experience, AD Shipping has also been able to streamline its internal processes.

You can find more information on Quick Quotes here.


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