Special Cargo FAQ

Over length does not affect the lost slots. Only the over height and over width affect the lost slot calculation for platforms. Cargo with higher weight might cause more lost slots because the platfrom must be loaded in a lower tier on deck than a light weight cargo.  

The width of an ISO container is 244cm. Cargo with a width of 245cm has already 1cm over width....0,5cm each side.

No, not in a wooden floor container. The spreaded load per running meter is too high (15.000kg/2,00m = 7.500kg/m). In a 20’GP/OT/HT with wooden floor you can load 4,8t, in a 40’GP/OT/HT you can load 3,0t per running meter. Using a steel floor container extent the
possible load per running meter to 7600kg in a 20’ and 6000kg in a 40’ container.  

On board of our vessels we have more 40' than 20' positions; the width of the floor of a 40' Flatrack is wider than on a 20' Flatrack, the cargo stands safer; more lashing points are available at a 40' Flatrack.

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