Price Announcement for Mediterranean and Black Sea

We wish to inform you that effective as of sailings of October 1, 2018 and valid until further notice the Bunker related surcharges for the Mediterranean and Black Sea trades will be as follows:

Export Trades:

Import Trades

* The above LSF amounts do not apply to shipments with the origin or destination in the Baltic/Scandinavia**. This will be charged with an additional USD 35 or Euro 30 per TEU on top of the North Europe amounts.
** Scan/ Baltic comprises Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland.

  • Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS), Emergency Fuel Surcharge (EFS) and Interim Fuel Participation (IFP) application from/to Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • The surcharge applies to ALL cargo where the BUC is included or fixed
  • The surcharge does NOT apply to any business that is currently being charged full BUC, floating per HL tariff

The FAK base rates as well as Security related surcharges, Peak Season surcharges (if applicable) and Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) remain unchanged and can be found here.

Other local charges and contingency surcharges may apply.



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