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Shipping with our Indian Subcontinent Mediterranean Express (IMX) service? Schedule updates coming up

We have schedule updates for our Indian Subcontinent Mediterranean Express (IMX) service during the months of October and November 2021. Due to a scheduled dry dock requirement of one of our vessels, unfortunately we need to advise a void sailing position on October 28, 2021 departing Jebel Ali Jebel Ali, AE (westbound).

Please find below the sailing details, including the void sailing, voyage numbers and the Westbound (WB) and Eastbound (EB) departures:

Vessel Name  WB Voyage  EB Voyage  Jebel Ali, AE (AEJEA) Departure WB  Valencia, ES (ESVLC) Departure EB 
APL ANTWERP  0MXAFW1MA  0MXAGE1MA  October 21, 2021  November 19, 2021 
VOID SAILING      October 28, 2021
November 26, 2021 
CMA CGM OTELLO  0MXAJW1MA  0MXAKE1MA  November 4, 2021  December 3, 2021 
XIN PU DONG  255W  255E  November 11, 2021  December 10, 2021 
NINGBO EXPRESS  2146W  2146E  November 18, 2021  December 17, 2021 
DALIAN EXPRESS  2147W  2147E  November 25, 2021  December 24, 2021 
BERLIN EXPRESS  2148W  2148E  December 2, 2021  December 31, 2021 
BALTIC BRIDGE  0MXATW1MA  0MXAUE1MA  December 9, 2021 January 7, 2022 

Thinking about your cargo planning, we have a couple of options to assist you: 

Alternate routing for IMX Westbound:

Void Sailing / Departure Jebel Ali - October 28, 2021  

From  To  Via  SSY  Vessel Name  Schedule Voyage 
UAE, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia  Mediterranean  Direct  IMX  CMA CGM OTELLO  0MXAJW1MA 

Alternate routing for IMX Eastbound:  

From  To  Via  SSY  Vessel Name  Schedule Voyage 
Spain  Middle East / India Sub continent  Jeddah  MD1  ONE MACKINAC   029 E 
Italy  Middle East / India Sub continent Jeddah  MD1  ONE MACKINAC  029 E 
South France  Middle East / India Sub continent  Barcelona / Damietta  AL6 / MD1  BREMEN EXPRESS/HONG KONG EXPRESS  085 E/ 036 E  
Egypt  Middle East / India Sub continent  Jeddah  MD1  UMM SLAL   026 E

If you should require additional information, please contact our customer service team at your location who will guide you based on your individual situation.  


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