Selektieren Sie den Hinweis aus der Sprungmarkenliste unten, der für Sie relevant ist:

Remarks for Algeria

For shipments to Algeria no collect charges are accepted.

Remarks for Bangladesh

THD/EMF/SEC/OAD/DLF/ADD (Imports into BDCGP) : should be paid together with SEA. if SEA is Prepaid, they should be paid at origin or elsewhere prepaid payer.
THO/SMD/SEC (Exports from BDCGP) : should be paid together with SEA. if SEA is collect, they should be paid at destination or elsewhere collect payer.
Import Doc Fee (DDF) : Always payable at POD.
Export Doc Fee (MTD) : Always payable at POL.

Port of Chittagong
The Port of Chittagong accept 20 and 40 container for handling with a maximum gross weight of 24,000 kgs 20 and 30,480 kgs 40
(gross weight = gross cargo weight + container tare weight )

Hinweise für Kanada

Die Arbitrary Charge Destination (ACD), die War Risk Surcharge (WRS) und die Congestion Surcharge Destination (CGD) müssen mit der Seefracht bezahlt werden. Ausnahme ist die Destination Shuwaikh wo auf Basis collect abgerechnet werden muss.

Für Transporte nach Latein Amerika in Umladung via New York ist ein Lkw-Transport vom Terminal über öffenliche Straßen notwendig. Hier gilt eine Gewichtsbeschränkung von 39.200 LBS per 20 Container und 43.700LBS per 40 Container.
Es wird grundsätzlich keine Forwarding Agent Commission (FAC) ausgezahlt.

Raten für Umzugsgüter sind nicht gültig für Hauslieferungen oder für Lieferungen in die USA. Bei der Buchung muss ein Agent als Notify benannt werden, der auch als solcher in den Shipping Instructions aufgeführt wird. Alle Kosten müssen als prepaid abgerechnet werden.


Remarks for China

Bestimmte Güter unterliegen Restriktionen oder erfordern besondere Lizenzen für Import/Export Umladung über Hongkong durch die Hong Kong Trade and Industry Behörde. Auch Waren mit der Bezeichnung Machinery/Tools/Equipment etc. könnten unter die strategische Einordnung der Hong Kong Trade and Industry Behörde fallen und Umladungen aufgrund von Lizenzfragen verzögert werden.

Nähere Einzelheiten finden Sie hier:  


Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Lizenzanforderung auch für Machinery gilt, die zur Entladung an Shenzhen West Terminals / Häfen (z.B. Shekou, Chiwan, Da Chan Bay) vorgesehen ist.

Alle Verladungen von China unterliegen den Melde-Regularien der Shanghai Shipping Exchange. Dieses bedeutet u.a., dass der Vertragspartner im Rate Agreement, oder gegebenenfalls der im B/L genannte Verlader für den durch diese Quotierung abgedeckten Transport entweder als Beneficiary Cargo Owner (BCO) oder Non Vessel Operator (NVOCC) bei der Shanghai Shipping Exchange registriert und über einen MOC Code verfügen muss.

Remarks for Cuba

US citizens, Green Card holders, persons located in the US, and US legal entities must not work with, use, or manipulate data related to Cuba.

Remarks for Djibouti

Import surcharge at destination RHD must follow the seafreight payment terms
RHD charge to follow the freight

Remarks for Ecuador

Free plug-in for reefers 48 hours prior to vessel departure.

Be aware it’s an essential requirement to perform New Customer Validation process to all new shippers / customers. Kindly provide full info of the company that will appear as shipper in the BL, along with your booking request. Further information of the process is available in our website https://www.hapag-lloyd.com/en/offices-localinfo/latin-america/ecuador.html.

For U.S inland shipments only - Truck Power Shortage in North America:
Carrier Haulage deliveries have been delayed due to the considerable shortage of truckers throughout the USA and Canada. We are working to improve service to our customers as well as to minimize the impact of any storage/demurrage. However, under the circumstances presented, which are beyond our control, significant delays should be expected. As per our tariff, storage
charges incurred at US &/or Canada inland rail depots are for the account of the cargo and have to be settled prior to release of cargo. In case the carrier under the actual circumstances cannot conclude the inland portion due US/CAN truck shortage or any other situation beyond our control, the final responsibility would be for account of the cargo.

Weight restrictions: Each country have own weight restriction on roads, therefore please check that cargo weight does not exceed the limit. Overweight can generate extra costs or fines that will be on cargo account.

Remarks for Egypt

Egyptian local charges can only be collected in Egypt, therefore prepayment or collection abroad are not allowed.

Remarks for India

All charges must be prepaid for commodities like Scrap, Waste Paper, Rags, Used Machineries and Personal Effects.
For prepaid shipments Destination Landfreight (DLF) for Long Haul ICDs (like Ludhiana, New Delhi, Patparganj, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Moradabad etc.) should be on prepaid basis.
For cargo destined for Nepal (Kathmandu & Birgang/Biratnagar) - all charges should be prepaid only.
Receiving, handling, delivery (RHD) can only be collected at destination.
Imports: solid plastic scrap is prohibited

Customers who want to arrange its shipment on Shipper PDA terms, need to select received at ‘terminal/ramp‘. The quotation will then show the applicable ‘Handling fee on Origin Land Freight‘ (HOL) that covers incidental expenses of handling, loading and transport. The rail charges need to be paid directly to the rail operator
Customers who want to arrange its shipment on Liner PDA terms, ‘received at door‘ needs to be selected. The so called ‘Origin Land Freight fee‘ (OLF) will display under export surcharges directly in the quotation
Start location should always be the Indian Inland Container Depot pick-up location (for handover in port or ICD)

Remarks for Indonesia

Sea freight & associated charges, all origin local charges must be prepaid for Reefer, Personal Effects/Household Goods imports.
Following Indonesia ports must be in Prepaid basis for all import shipments, including all destination local charges. Exceptional applied upon getting POD approval:.Balikpapan, Batam Pulau (Batam Island), Buatan, Dumai, Kualatungkal, Padang, Pekanbaru, Perawang, Samarinda, Tebing Tinggi, Banjarmasin
THC (Import and Export) must be set up as Non Chargeable in the contract for following ports. It is paid directly by Customer to the Port Authority.-Balikpapan, Makassar, Tebing Tinggi, Perawang, Pekanbaru:
All freights (Sea freight & associated charges, all origin local charges, all destination local charges etc.) must be prepaid for import shipments to outports and door delivery: Bacolod, Lli-ilo, Angeles, Clark, Lligan.

Remarks for Iraq

Terminal handling charges are always to be prepaid at origin

Remarks for Israel

The congestion surcharges CGO/CGD) must always follow the SEA payment term definition.

If the SEA is prepaid, congestion surcharge will be prepaid too.

If the SEA is collect, congestion surcharge will be collect too.


Remarks for Italy

Bookings for Personal effects from and to Italy cannot be in Carrier haulage. All charges must be prepaid and the receiver has to be a forwarder or agent.


Remarks for Japan

All charges must be prepaid for Reefer imports, Personal effects & household goods imports.
Destination Landfreight (DLF) must follow SEA freight terms.

Remarks for Japan

All charges must be prepaid for Reefer imports, Personal effects & household goods imports.
Destination Landfreight (DLF) must follow SEA freight terms.

Remarks for Kenya

Freight collect is not acceptable.
THD and TSD are acceptable on a Collect basis, except in cases of a TBL shipment to Hinterland Countries where this is mandatory to be Prepaid.
DLF must be prepaid for all shipments destined to Kenya.
LFD and PDO must be billed on a collect basis.
EMF must be billed on a collect basis - applicable for all MH shipments moving from Kenya to Uganda.

Remarks for Libya

No collect amounts are accepted – Freight on collect basis is not accepted. 
Freight Collect accepted only under special circumstances.

Please refer to Payment Terms found in Libya: Country information and Requirments.

The Port Contribution Surcharge at destination is payable along with the sea

Same is also applicable for the Congestion Surcharge, War Risk Surcharge and
Equipment Transfer Destination.

If SEA is prepaid, ETD / PCD / CGO / CGD / WRS will be prepaid too.

Please note that the following cargo commodity restrictions for import to Libya:

  • Cigarettes / Manufactured tobacco: Accepted, but the B/L must clearly indicate cigarettes or manufactured tobacco. Full Consignee and shipment details must be submitted prior to acceptance of booking. If and once approved, a LOI (Letter of Indemnity) must be signed.
  • Weapons (military and non-military): Prohibited
  • Alcohol: Prohibited
  • Pharmaceuticals: Restricted, please contact your sales office.
  • Cars: Restricted, please contact your sales office.

Remarks for Malta

The port Contribution Surcharge at destination is payable along with the seafreight
Prepaid Frt = Prepaid PCD
Collect Frt = Collect PCD


Remarks for Myanmar

All charges must be prepaid (including destination local charges) for all import shipments to Myanmar.

Remarks for Nigeria

PSS charges are always to be prepaid

Remarks for Peru

Additional expenses and services fees related to delivery of cargo and equipment occurring in Peru are applicable. Detailed information about these standard local charges, which are part of the contract of carriage can be found in https://www.hapag-lloyd.com/perulocalrates. Merchants acknowledge and accept that these local charges are to be paid in Peru.

Remarks for Saudi Arabia

Please note that DDF, PDO & RHD are local charges and payment term must be always 'Collect'.

Remarks for Senegal

The congestion surcharges (CGO/CGD) and Terminal Security Destination (TSD) must always follow the SEA payment term definition.

If the SEA is prepaid, CGD and TSD will be prepaid.

If the SEA is collect, CGD and TSD will be prepaid.

For import shipments, ADD to be collect.

For export shipments ADO to be prepaid.

Tax Import (TXI), EMF & PCD should always be collect.

Remarks for Sudan

All collections for export booking from Sudan should be done on a collect basis, when for import booking to Sudan it will be done on a prepaid basis (exception: MHD/MHO can be collected in Sudan). Elsewhere payments are allowed for both import and export.


Remarks for Syria

We would like to inform you that as precondition to loading your container we request you to sign a Letter of Indemnity (LOI) and to provide any documents for validation upon request (for example end-use certificate) and to answer potential additional questions correctly. Any such documentation must be provided latest 24 hours prior to the FCL delivery cut-off.

In case of non-compliance with any of above obligations or any applicable regulation we furthermore have the right to charge you with all costs and expenses related hereto and/or to cancel your booking at your costs.

Hapag-Lloyd AG shall not be responsible for any costs / delays occurring due to intervention of customs. This includes - but is not limited to – any customs fines and charges as well as related (port) storage costs, inspection charges, etc. arising from potential customs inspection or stop. Please note that also customs in transhipment ports have the right to execute stops or investigations. The same liability for costs also applies to your consignee. The responsibility to inform the consignee lies with the shipper accordingly. Any acceptance of cargo by Hapag-Lloyd is limited to Hapag-Lloyd only and does not include any acceptance or permit from any local customs or other authorities.

ETD (Equipment Transfer Charge at destination) must follow the seafreight payment terms.

Remarks for Taiwan

Ägyptische lokale Gebühren können nur in Ägypten bezahlt werden. Eine Bezahlung dieser Gebühren in einem anderen Land ist nicht gestattet.

Remarks for Thailand

All charges must be prepaid for Reefer imports, Personal effects & household goods imports.
Destination Landfreight (DLF) Congestion Surcharge Destination (CGD), Transport Additional Destination (TAD) must follow SEA freight terms.
Laem Chabang has restriction for the commodity ‘animal organ’

Remarks for Tunisia

The congestion surcharges CGO/CGD) must always follow the SEA payment term difinition.

If the SEA is prepaid, congestion surcharge will be prepaid too.

If the SEA is collect, congestion surcharge will be collect too.


Remarks for United Arab Emirates

For Reefers pls note below comments..
- Port Plug In Charges are as per port tariff.
- We don't arrange any Pre-Cooling prior to release the containers.
- Max 24 working Hrs are required to arrange PTI with DPA Reefer Yard.
- Port Plug In Charges will be calculated from day 1, till the units on board.
- Shifting Charges will be – AED 175/20’REF & AED 225/40’REF.

Remarks for US territories

Prior to loading your shipment a FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) rate filing is mandatory. For that reason the booking information has to include besides the commodity description the respective HS code. Furthermore all containers have to be sealed with a high security seal.

Please note that Personal Effects and No Titled Vehicles are banned for movement to or from USA via Canadian Port. Any shipment booked as such will be terminated at the applicable POD and/or returned to origin. In addition, Door Moves of Personal Effects at a customer’s personal residence are not permitted. Any additional charges incurred will be for the responsible merchant party.

Additional exemptions include, concentrated Metal products including but not limited to Steel Coils

Weight requirements apply to all shipments, including containers received or delivered from on-dock facilities.
The carrier will not handle any container improperly loaded or any container loaded in excess of its marked capacity.
The shipper will ensure that the lading and axle weight meet provincial, federal, state and municipal highway safety and weight limitations.

Inland weight limitation is expressed in metric tons and comma separator is in german format. (comma equals point)

OCEMA Recommended Maximum Gross Allowable Cargo Weights in International Intermodal Containers for Transport on the USA Highway System. Any shipment above OCEMA weight guidelines may be refused on rail/road when arriving at US/Canadian ports, or incur extra costs that are not mentioned on our quotes.

Find further information at: http://www.ocema.org/cwg.htm

Inland rates are subject to fluctuate as per tariff and may do so up until the day of interchange. Please check the current inland levelshere: https://www.hapag-lloyd.com/en/online-business/tariffs/inland-tariff.html

In line with our tariff, if a location in North America has a lack of available truck power, delays may occur and any additional associated costs for such problems and delays will need to be borne by the cargo interests, like storage, demurrage and possible pre pull costs. Please also note that TRI-AXLE equipment chassis are extremely short and its availability is limited. Any additional charges due to missing availability of such equipment and also for missing truck power will be for account of the cargo.

Please remember that there are several commodities which are either banned or restricted by North American Railroads, including but not limited to: used machinery, scrap metal, vehicles, concentrated/heavy metal products, flexitanks, tobacco, hides, personal effects, medical equipment, used tires etc. Please feel free to contact us if any doubt.

Under Genset Provision Policy (USA) Hapag Lloyd has stop providing gensets for merchant haulage shipment which end at a port facility in the USA.  Should a genset be requested for shipments between port terminals and local delivery points under Merchant Haulage it must be done at time of booking. An additional fee per genset will be applied, as per local charges defined in RURE-001 036.5.

Remarks nach Venezuela

Alle import surcharges mussen als prepaid bezahlt werden, darunter: Congestion surcharge destination, Repositioning Destination und THC.
Nur die Administration Fee ist in Venezuela zu zahlen, in der lokalen Währung (Bolivares).

Remarks for Vietnam

Please be informed that commodities for Wastepaper/Forest Products/Scrap
are restricted or require special License for Import to all Vietnam ports,
including Ho Chi Minh, Cai Mep Vung Tau, Haiphong, Danang and Quihnon via
Vietnam Environment Ministry & Deposit from Bank.

For full details please approach our Vietnam office @ [email protected]

For all import shipments to Vietnam, Destination Landfreight (DLF)/ Equipment Transfer Charge Destination(ETD)/ Arbitrary Charge Destination (ACD)/ Terminal Security Charge Destination (TSD)/
Administration Destination Fee (ADD) must follow as per SEA freight term while other destination charges with currency VND can be set as collect.

Remarks for Yemen

All surcharges including ARC, WRS, CSF, CGD, MFR that are applicable to shipments to Yemen must be paid by Shippers as Prepaid.
Any requests for freight collect will require destination approval.

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