EUR Bond 2028

Basic data Bond-relevant information
Issuer Hapag-Lloyd AG
Volume EUR 300 m
Minimum Order EUR 100,000
Issue Date
6 April 2021
Maturity Date
15 April 2028
Redemption Prices (if no Target Step-Up)
as of 15 April 2024: 101.375%
as of 15 April 2025: 100.688%
as of 15 April 2026: 100%
Redemption Prices (in the event of a Target Step-Up) as of 15 April 2026: 100.344%
as of 15 April 2027: 100%
Coupon 2.5%
Coupon Step-Up As of 15 October 2025, the interest rate payable on the Notes shall be increased by +0.25% to 2.75% per annum (the "Target Step-Up"), in case the Sustainability Performance Target has not been achieved and confirmed.
Coupon Payment
15 April and 15 October,
commencing 15 October 2021
ISIN XS2326548562
Listing Open market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange
(Euro MTF)
Trustee Deutsche Trustee Company Limited

For further information please see the Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework.

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