Export Rail Billing Form

***IMPORTANT UPDATE for August 2022***

  • For cargo moving on Canadian Rails, AES and Seal #’s are required at time of rail billing
  • DG/Hazardous cargo, moving on US rails ONLY, can now be submitted using the US RAIL BILL
  • DG/Hazardous cargo moving into Canada should be submitted manually with supporting documentation (BOL, Final IMO)
  • BOL and Final IMO, when emailed, should be sent to [email protected] and [email protected]

US RAIL BILL cannot automatically process the following types of billing:

  • DG/Hazardous cargo moving on Canadian Rails
  • Rail billing intentionally needed prior to ERD’s or past LRD’s (i.e. cutoffs)
  • Consolidated Cargo shipments moving on Canadian Rails
  • All other Canadian rail shipments that have multiple AES references

For the above exceptions, please continue emailing loaded export information as well as any supporting documentation to [email protected] for manual processing

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