Nuestros Buques

As of 30 March, 2024, Hapag-Lloyd's fleet comprised a total of 280 container ships, which are all certified in accordance with the ISM (International Safety Management) Code and have a valid ISSC (ISPS) certificate. The majority of the vessels are also certified as per ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

The Hapag-Lloyd fleets total TEU capacity amounts to ~ 2.1 million TEU. Hapag-Lloyd also owns or leases a container stock of ~ 3.1 million TEU for transporting cargo.

Hapag-Lloyd vessels are specially equipped for the transport of various goods, e.g. cargo with extraordinary / oversized dimensions, reefer cargo and dangerous goods that have to be stowed and transported according to IMO regulations.

Below you will find all Hapag-Lloyd ship classes, sorted by capacity. Click on a ship's name to see capacities, certificates and further details.

Barcos de más de 19,000 TEU

Barcos de 15,000 a 18,000 TEU

Barcos de 13,000 a 15,000 TEU

Barcos de 10,000 a 13,000 TEU

Barcos de 8,000 a 10,000 TEU

Barcos de 6,000 a 8,000 TEU

Barcos de 4,000 a 6,000 TEU

Barcos de 2,300 a 4,000 TEU

Barcos con menos de 2,300 TEU

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