Nouvelles fiches tarifaires en vigueur le 1er juillet 2016

Tariff Number Trade Name Tariff Title Tariff Type
RURE-001 Global Tariff RURE Global Ocean Rules + Regulations Rules and Regulations updated to mirror new Ocean- and regional tariffs
HPOC-001 AM - Americas North America - South America Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-002 AT - Atlantic Europe & Mediterranean - North America (incl. Mexico) Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-003 EMAO - Europe - Mediterranean - Africa - Oceania Europe - Mediterranean - Africa - Oceania
Africa - North & South America
Africa - Asia
Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-004 FE - Far East Europe & Mediterranean - East Asia, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-005 IA - Intra Asia Intra Asia & Oceania Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-006 LA - Latin America-Asia Latin America - Asia (exl. Oceania) Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-007 LE - Latin America-Europe Latin America (excl. Mexico) - Europe & Mediterranean Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-008 TP - Transpacific North America - Asia
North and South America - Oceania
Ocean Surcharges
HPOC-009 ME - Middle East Europe-Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, and Intra Middle East / Indian Subcontinent Ocean Surcharges
HPRT-001 RTEU - Regional Tariff Europe Regional Tariff Europe and Mediterranean Local Surcharges
HPRT-002 RTAS - Regional Tariff Asia Regional Tariff Asia and Oceania Local Surcharges
HPRT-003 RTNA - Regional Tariff North America Regional Tariff USA and Canada Local Surcharges
HPRT-004 RTSA - Regional Tariff South America Regional Tariff Mexico, South- and Central America Local Surcharges
RTME - Regional Tariff Middle East Regional Tariff Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa Local Surcharges
RULO-001 Global Tariff RULO Local Charges Rules Rules of worldwide
local charges & service fees
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