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Secure Container Release integration port of Rotterdam

Hapag-Lloyd is pleased to introduce T-Mining’s Secure Container Release in the Port of Rotterdam on October 1st, 2022.This is part of our continuous efforts to make the supply chain more secure.

Secure Container Release (SCR) is a platform developed by Information Technology company T-Mining. Commercial releases coming from the shipping line are distributed in a safe manner via blockchain and provided to the First Release Party (FRP). The FRP can re-transfer the release to the next party in the logistics chain. This can be another forwarder, but in most cases it will be the transport company.

During the phased rollout, containers are still to be picked-up with the traditional system of pincodes. In the near feature, trucking companies who receive release rights can generate a digital pick-up right once they assign the transport to a specific driver. A truck driver is assigned through his CargoCard ID, which is also used to access terminals in the Port of Rotterdam. Release rights for barge and rail pick-up will work based on company identification.

Onboarding process Secure Container Release

In order to get started with SCR, the following steps have to be followed:

Step 1: Get invited

Fill below form to request an invitation. You will then receive an e-mail from SCR to start your onboarding.

(This form opens in the country Belgium)

Step 2: Onboard your company

Step 3: Start using SCR

The commercial releases from Hapag-Lloyd can be managed in the SCR application. When you access, all releases via the Port of Rotterdam and Port of Antwerp can be found at a glance. The releases could either be re-transferred or retrieved, so these can be further handled.

News & Customer Information

To familiarize with SCR, Hapag-Lloyd shared additional information and supportive materials:

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