Guide de l'utilisateur

How to log in

To load the application you have to open one of the following URLs in your Web Browser.

- Equipment Request Detail

On the Equipment Request Detail site you can search for all equipment releases or equipment returns that are planned for you depot.

- Equipment Movement Reporting

Every container, chassis or genset gets used and its usage has to be tracked. This might be a gate move in or out auf the depot or just the action to start a stuffing at the depot.All this information has to be transferred to Hapag-Lloyd. By using the Equipment Movement Reporting site you can report the activity along with additional information.

- Inventory Detail

If you want to know which equipment is standing at your depot or select containers that have a certain age then you can use the Inventory Detail site.

If you are not already logged in on the Hapag-Lloyd website you will be redirected to the log in page where you have to authenticate yourself with the user id and password that you received from your Hapag-Lloyd contact.

Log-in page

Enter your user id in the following structure: organization\userid
Depending on your registration this is usually WWW\userid or EXT\userid.

Log-in with user account
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