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Guinea - Intro

The Republic of Guinea, also known as Guinea-Conakry, is a country located in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The capital and largest city is Conakry.

Guinea gained independence from France in 1958. The country has a population of over 13 million people and is rich in mineral resources such as bauxite, iron ore, and gold.

The official language is French, although many other languages are spoken, including Mandinka, Fula, and Susu. Islam is the predominant religion, followed by Christianity and traditional African religions.

Guinea has a diverse culture, with a rich history of traditional music, dance, and art. The country is known for its vibrant markets, colorful textiles, and unique cuisine, which features dishes such as jollof rice, peanut stew, and grilled chicken.

The top export partners of the Republic of Guinea are:

  • China - 41.3%
  • India - 19.2%
  • Spain - 5.7%
  • United Arab Emirates - 5.3%
  • Ukraine - 5.2%
  • Netherlands - 4.1%
  • Russia - 3.8%
  • Japan - 2.2%
  • South Korea - 1.8%
  • Turkey - 1.6%

These countries mainly import bauxite, which is Guinea's primary export commodity. Other significant exports from Guinea include gold, diamonds, coffee, and fish.

Terminal Information

  • Operator: BOLLORE
  • Port Name: Conakry Terminal
  • Cranes: Shore Cranes
  • Export Cut-Off: 48hrs

General Import Guidelines - please contact your nearest office for further details.

  • BL Full Consignee Contact Details Mandatory
  • Foreign Based Consignee’s Not allowed
  • Foreign Based Notify’s Not allowed
  • Freight Prepaid
  • Telex Release allowed
  • Pharmaceuticals Shipments, destination office approval is required
  • Charcoal Not allowed
  • Toxic Waste Not allowed
  • Military Cargo Not allowed, only under M. of Defense approval.
  • Full Cargo Description, exact number of packages Mandatory.
    • “General Merchandise” as description Not allowed
    • “Pallets” as package description Not allowed
    • HAZ Specific Cargo Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 8 & Class 9 to be displayed on BL
    • HAZ Specific Cargo Class 1, Class 6 & Class 7 - destination office approval is required
  • For “In Transit” Dry Cargo to Mali via Merchant Haulage,  BL Consignee/Notify Full Contact Details Mandatory, NIF Code Mandatory and based in Mali ( Foreign Consignee’s / Notify’s not allowed )
  • For “In Transit” Dry Cargo to Mali via Merchant Haulage, BL is to display “cargo in transit to Mali”
  • For “In Transit” Reefer Cargo to Mali  - POD Agent MD Approval Required
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