User Guide: 我的帐户

If you are a registered user you can change your user data and authorizations for our Online Business services at the 'My Account' service. You have also the ability to change your password for our Online Business services here.

Screen area: 个人信息

If you are a registered Online Business user you can change your personal data here if necessary.
Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.

Screen area: 功能设置

Checkboxes: Online functions

Here you can obtain the Online Business services you have no authorization for yet.

Note: For our service 'Sea Waybill Download' you need to sign a contract before obtaining the authorization for it. Please download it at our 'Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions' section , fill out this contract and send it to your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

Button: Submit

Click the 'Submit' button to send the filled form automatically  to your local Hapag-Lloyd office. Our employees will process your request. After your next logon you should be able to use the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business services.

Screen area: 修改密码



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