Customer Experience Survey

Customer insights help drive our business decisions and actions. This is why, with regular intervals, we conduct our Customer Experience Survey (CES) where we ask about your opinions and concerns.

As we strive to be your ‘Number One for Quality’, we are committed to constantly improving our services, and this can only be possible with your input. By sharing your experience with us, you get the opportunity to make suggestions that help improve our services and transform our products – all for your benefit.

Let us know!

  • How satisfied are you with our products, services and performance?
  • How easy is it to do business with Hapag-Lloyd?
  • How likely is it that you evolve your business with us over time?

Our customer survey is one of our ways of saying that we care about your needs, and through your feedback, we have implemented many changes:

  • You needed more digital tools and functionality – we developed a wide range of solutions for you, e.g. Quick Quotes Spot with guaranteed fulfillment.
  • You required more capacity and transparency– we heavily invested in new ships and boxes. Plus, we launched real-time tracking for our dry container fleet with Hapag-Lloyd LIVE.
  • You wished to have more local touchpoints – we opened new offices and Quality Service Centers around the world.
  • You asked for more transparency on our performance – we provided you with valuable insights via our Quality Dashboard.
  • We all want more sustainability for our planet – we invested in dual-fuel ships and started our biofuel journey, to reach our climate-neutral goal by 2045.
  • You called for fast case resolution – we implemented efficient and smoother Customer Service in every country with one email and contact number.

Our Customer Experience Survey is your opportunity to define your needs, shape the way you do business with us and benefit from improved solutions.

How does our Customer Experience Survey work?

One of the key measurements in our survey is the Net Promoter Score – or short NPS. Here you rate our performance by scoring 0 to 10. These scores are not simply colored red or green – in fact, they signify “good” or “bad”.

To measure Customer loyalty our CES includes the NPS question:
How likely are you to recommend Hapag-Lloyd to a colleague or Business contact?


While the NPS indicates your long-term overall loyalty to us, the different survey sections allow you to give feedback on specific touchpoints or transactional topics.

If given the chance we appreciate your participation in our Customer Experience Survey - thank you!

Tip the scale left or right and influence the future.

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