User Guide: Register New User

With 'My Account' you can register for the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business services.
If you are already registered, you can change your user data and authorizations here.

Screen area: Hapag-Lloyd Reference

As the Online Business sections which requires a registration contain actual booking data, only actual Hapag-Lloyd customers can register for it.

You can provide any valid business reference you have with Hapag-Lloyd. It will be used to validate your registration data.

If you are not sure which kind of reference you have at hand, please find the following hints:

Type of Reference / Required Format

Bill of Lading number:    HLCUHAM123456789
Booking number:            12345678
Invoice number:              12345678
Contract number:           can be characters and digits (max. length 13)
Quotation number:         can be characters and digits (max. length 13)

Screen area: My personal data

As a new user fill in this section with your personal data.
If you are already a registered Online Business user you can change your personal data here if necessary.

The E-mail address needs to be entered twice in order to get ensure the correctness of the address. Also when you change your E-mail address. Please enter it on this page and confirm your new E-mail address by clicking on the hyperlink which you will receive from us then.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.

Screen area: My Account

As a new user you need to insert an User Id and a password you want to use to log in to the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business services.

Note: Make sure that your User Id consist of 6 characters minimum and your password of at least 8 characters. Use valid characters only.
Valid characters are letters, digits and a few special signs such as #, $, @.

Please repeat your password in order to avoid any mistakes.

Screen area: My Authorizations

Standard authorizations

Upon registration a standard authorization package is already included. This standard authorization package includes all necessary Online Business services like e.g. Schedules, Shipping Instructions, My Shipments, Tracing and Import. Those services can be used immediately after your registration for Hapag-Lloyd Online Business is confirmed.

In addition you can request authorization for the services 'E-Invoice Download' and 'Sea WayBill Download'. Your responsible Hapag-Lloyd office will then contact you and afterwards grant you the required authorization.

Checkboxes: Online functions

Select here the Online Business services you want to obtain an authorization for.

Note: For our service 'Sea Waybill Download' you need to sign a contract before obtaining the authorization for it. Please download it at our 'Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions' section, fill out this contract and send it to your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

Don't forget to read and confirm the 'Pricacy Statement'.

Button: Submit

Click the 'Submit' button to send the filled form automatically  to your local Hapag-Lloyd office. Our employees will process your request. After your next logon you should be able to use the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business services.

Service: Register New User

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