Safety as our top priority

The safety and well-being of our roughly 14,100 employees on land and at sea are a top priority for Hapag-Lloyd. Extensive occupational safety measures and on-board rescue drills are just as much a given for us as infection-control measures. Especially when working at sea, Hapag-Lloyd employees are synonymous with reliability. They ensure that the ships and their cargoes are safeguarded and that efforts are consistently made to protect the environment.

Safe ship operation – the port state controls

In all port states, ships can be inspected to ensure compliance with international occupational safety and health standards in so-called port state controls (PSCs). As part of these inspections, the condition, equipment and proper operation of the vessel are checked. During the approximately 200 PSCs of our ships in 2021, only around 0.59 deficiencies were identified on average per inspected vessel. This deficiency rate, which is well below the average global deficiency rate, testifies to the success of our Safety Management System.

  • Only 0.59 deficiency rate during port state controls


Strict guidelines for dangerous goods

In 2021, Hapag-Lloyd transported roughly 460,000 TEU of dangerous goods, which accounted for about 4 % of our total transport volume. Our own strict regulations relating to dangerous goods go beyond the legal requirements. In 2021 alone, reviews carried out by our software enabled us to identify around 3,100 cases of bookings with improper declarations. These are bookings whose cargo includes dangerous goods that are not declared as such. To ensure the safety of our crews and the environment, Hapag-Lloyd refuses to transport improperly declared goods on our ships.

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