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We know what’s important to you when it comes to your refrigerated cargo. Whether it be perishable or pharmaceutical high-value cargo, our reefer experts ensure that your cargo is kept in its optimal condition, no matter when and where. We know that you need modern and reliable equipment that is clean, safe and provides you with the most precise temperature control.  

Today, consumers across the world expect to have the freshest produce and goods throughout the whole year. This, of course, would be impossible without reefer containers taking your cargo across the globe.  

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A modern reefer fleet

Hapag-Lloyd has continuously invested in reefer equipment over the past years, ensuring that we are one of the largest reefer carriers in the market. We are there for you when you need to get your cargo from point A to point B when cargo care and quality matters to you.

We also offer all of the technologies that you’ve come to expect from a first-class reefer carrier:

Controlled Atmosphere - control the ripening process of your fruit and extend your product’s shelf life.

Cold Treatment - your perishables must meet quarantine requirements. Our cold treatment process allows for avoidance of pesticide treatments and a more streamlined approval process with national authorities at destination.

High Value Pharmaceuticals – We understand that when transporting your high value cargo, the safety of your cargo is of the utmost importance to you. That’s why we employ a “high value process” which involves a thorough risk analysis to ensure that you are making the best decision for the transportation of your cargo.

Hapag-Lloyd LIVE - Real-time GPS location, power-off alerts, temperature profiles – these are just a few of the features the Hapag-Lloyd LIVE reefer monitoring solution will offer. In the future, Hapag-Lloyd will outfit its entire reefer fleet with Hapag-Lloyd LIVE monitoring devices.

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Reefer brochure

Our reefer brochure provides a comprehensive overview of our temperature-controlled services

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Reefer Cargo Handling

Special Handling for Reefer Containers

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Container Specification

This publication presents the various container types and their functions in the transport sector

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Hapag-Lloyd Insights

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Contact our Reefer Experts

Providing you with best-class service is our top priority and exactly why we have reefer experts available worldwide. We know that quality equipment is vital. However, it’s the “human touch” that we believe sets us apart. Experts who are there to answer your questions and to do everything they can for your cargo quality and safety. That’s why we rise to the challenge of safeguarding the quality of your cargo.


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*For specialized assistance, in addition to our sales contacts the following experts are at your disposal. 

Region North Europe

Jana Behn
Hamburg, Germany

Region North America

Ruben Gonzalez
Piscataway, NJ, USA

Region South Europe

Paul Spallino
Genova, Italy

Region Latin America

Martin Fuentes
Valparaíso, Chile

Region Middle East & Africa

Dhanushka Wijendra
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Region Asia

Paula Munoz

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