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Germany - FAQ

Where is my container?

  • Please send your tracing request via Get info, which is an automatic email response tool.
  • Please refer to “Trace Container”.
  • Please download Hapag-Lloyd Mobile Application from both IOS and Android (search for Hapag-Lloyd).

How do I submit Shipping Instruction to Hapag-Lloyd?

  • You can send your shipping instruction via our website Shipments. Please find more information here.
  • Please discuss with your local Hapag-Lloyd representative for more details or alternative solutions.

Due to security reasons, you cannot register online for the Secure Container Release platform.

To register, you need to receive an invitation from either the shipping line or your client.

If you already have an account, you do not need to register again. You will be linked by Hapag-Lloyd and start receiving release rights in Secure Container Release.

Perfect, you can receive release rights after activation of the invite from Hapag-Lloyd.

Your vendor is still using pincodes? Not an issue. You can still generate pincodes via the Secure Container Release platform towards your vendor. You will only receive release rights from Hapag-Lloyd.

No, Hapag-Lloyd or any other shipping line cannot see your pincodes. Hapag-Lloyd will only be able to transfer release rights.

Secure Container Release offers both a free basic product and a paid premium product with additional services, as well as API solutions. More information can be found on

Yes, the platform Secure Container Release has options to onboard companies from multiple countries. You will need an invite to onboard.

No, Hapag-Lloyd aims for a strict pincode free release process after October 1st, 2022, for the Port of Rotterdam. The same procedure will apply for the Port of Antwerp from February 28th, 2023, on forwards.

In this case, the trial period of Secure Container Release has expired. The administrator(s) of your company received multiple reminders from T-Mining to either extend the premium product or switch to the basic product. When no follow-up actions have been taken, your account will be inactivated.

If you are expecting import shipments via the Port of Rotterdam on the short term, it is recommended to purchase the premium product for one month. This can be done via As such, you will re-gain access to Secure Container Release within a matter of minutes.

Kindly take note the premium product could be cancelled on a monthly basis. In the meantime, the switch to the basic product, which is free of charge, can be arranged. To make this happen, your company’s ID-wallet has to be transferred from the T-Mining cloud to an inhouse server. Under tab News & Customer info, guideline “Switch ID-wallet from T-Mining cloud to inhouse server” can be found. It is suggested to include your IT-department in order to speed up this process.

Lastly, make sure to schedule an appointment with the Support team of T-Mining via the contact details below. These will further assist you on this matter.

When setting-up Secure Container Release, it is highly recommended to create separate accounts for colleagues as well. This can be done via If a colleague is unavailable, then there's always a back-up.

When this has not been done yet, please reach out to the Support team of T-Mining. They will inform you who the current administrator is and add new ones if required.

If you would like to get in contact with T-Mining's Support team, this can either be via:

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