Equipment Request Detail

To see which equipment releases and returns have been planned for your depot you can use the Equipment Request Detail application.  

Equipment Request Detail - Search Stripe
  • Empty Release: Show what Hapag-Lloyd is planning for you to release (default).
  • Empty Return: Show what Hapag-Lloyd is planning for you to accept as return.
  • Depot: Your depot which is already defaulted by the system.
  • Date From / To: Select only requests with a planned release / return date within this range. Defaults on current date.
  • Equipment Type: Enter the ISO Type Group or Size Type to filter (e.g. 22GP, 42GP, 22G0)
  • Actual Moved: No shows only requests that have not been fulfilled yet. Yes shows only requests that have been released / returned already. Defaults on N.
  • Reference Type: If the trucker reports you a reference type you may search for it.
  • Reference: This is the code / reference that the trucker is using to release / return equipment. You can search for it in order to see all relevant requests.  
Equipment Request Detail – Table Stripe as result

Table definition:

  • Type: Equipment Type (ISO Type Group).
  • Equipment No.: Equipment number.
  • Planned Date: The planned date for release or return.
  • Expiration Date: The date when planned release date expires. Please contact Hapag-Lloyd office.
  • Haul.: Indicates if the booking is Merchant’s Haulage or Carrier’s Haulage.
  • EDI Msg. State: Indicates if EDI message has been sent to depot / terminal. (S)ent, (R)eady, (P)ending and (E)rror.
  • Actual Moved: Indicates if the container has been physically released / returned already. (Y)es or (N)o.
  • Ref. Type: Indicates if the reference is for a booking (S), (T)urn in or (P)ick up.
  • Reference: Reference provided by the transport company.
  • Booking No: Hapag-Lloyd booking number.
  • Remark: Additional container remark that is filled out by Hapag-Lloyd.  

Button definition:

  • Report Move: Leads you to the Equipment Movement Reporting and fills out all known information for the selected row.
  • Show Details: Opens the details for the selected row.

If you click on Show Details you will see the following information at the bottom of the page:

Equipment Request Detail – Detail Stripe showing details of the selected row

If you click on Report Move you will see the Equipment Movement Reporting with the right Event Code, current date and time and Reference Type & Reference already filled out.

Equipment Movement Reporting triggered by clicking Report Move

Fill out the additional information but at least the Equipment No. and press on Save.

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