Inventory Detail

The Inventory Detail application allows you to list equipment that is standing at your depot. You can filter the equipment result list by certain criteria in the search stripe. Click on Find to search for data.

Inventory Detail - Search Stripe with category selection
  • Depot: The depot field shows you the name of your own depot that you are searching for.
  • Category: The category drop down allows you to switch your search between Gensets, Containers and Chassis.
  • Type Group: Enter the ISO Type Group to filter (e.g. 22GP, 42GP, 45GP)
  • Size Type: Enter the ISO Size Type to filter (e.g. 22G0, 22G1)
  • Built From / To: Filter the built / construction year of the container
  • Availability: Filter the result list by its availability.  
Inventory Detail – Table Stripe with multiple rows as result

Table definition:

  • Depot: Shows where the equipment is standing at.
  • Equipment No.: Equipment number.
  • Equipment Size Type: Equipment Type (ISO Size Type).
  • Equipment Type Group: Equipment Type (ISO Type Group).
  • Built Year: Year of manufacturing
  • Max. Payload: Maximum payload of the equipment.
  • Unit: Unit of the maximum payload.
  • Availability: Indicates the availability of the equipment. (A)vailable, (R)epair, in use for (S)hipment, (C)ommitted and (O)ut of service.
  • Event Date: Date of the last event.
  • E/F: Indicates if the container was (F)ull / (E)mpty at the last event.
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