“Customer insights drive business decisions and actions that help to make us
completely customer-centric and the Number One for Quality!”

Every company claims to place great value on customer-centricity. And we at Hapag-Lloyd make this same claim about ourselves. But to show you that we back up our words with actions, we would like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our processes and procedures, which in turn will help you to better understand why and how your feedback matters.

We regularly collect customer feedback to gauge your mood as part of our efforts to always keep our focus on you and your needs. There are various departments involved in collecting information on a range of issues, such as our digital products and the customer experience along the entire transportation chain.

In addition to conducting surveys to gain insights about our customers, we also employ various methods to determine how you perceive us and our services, and this information is then analysed in order to optimise existing processes and products. We also ask for your opinion on specific touch points along the customer journey to sharpen our understanding of selected key issues or our digital products. What’s more, we also collect additional direct feedback from workshops and interviews with customers who are part of our customer panel.

Analysing where we can improve and understanding what else you would like are key to our success at connecting the world across oceans as well as to maintaining a fruitful partnership with you. We listen to your needs, and we continuously strive to develop solutions that move your business forward.

Who is behind customer insights at Hapag-Lloyd?

There are three teams at Hapag-Lloyd responsible for collecting the insights used to always keep our focus on you and your needs. Although they deal with different areas, the three teams work closely together in practice.


Skadi Reinecke, Customer Experience at Hapag-Lloyd

“Our vision is to grow into a fully customer-centric organisation in which customer insights drive business decisions and actions that help us to become the number one for quality.”

Skadi Reinecke works in the Customer Experience department and handles all topics that are not directly related to a specific digital product, such as the CES. She has been with Hapag-Lloyd since 2014.

Rebecka Kuesel, Digital Business and Transformation at Hapag-Lloyd

“In order to become more customer-centric, the challenge is to ‘connect the dots’ and to integrate our research findings with other sources of knowledge. These can include day-to-day customer feedback (e.g. via our global team), the analysis of existing customer information (e.g. booking and quoting behaviour), and data obtained via website tracking.”

Rebecka Kuesel works in the Digital Business & Transformation department and takes care of the surveys and insights on our digital products. She joined Hapag-Lloyd in 2016.

Dominika Beben, User Experience Research at Hapag-Lloyd

“It is crucial to incorporate users’ needs into the process of developing digital products. It is all about people. We create prototypes of new digital solutions, and we ask our customers worldwide to test them and share their feedback with us. This helps us to make our digital channels user-friendly as well as to build stronger relations with our customers. And they like to be invited to the interviews and to share their opinions.”

Dominika Beben is our Principal User Experience Researcher. She is an expert on usability tests and user interviews (some of you may have already met her during such activities). She joined the Web and Mobile Team at Hapag-Lloyd in 2020.

Now you have an idea of how we collect feedback from our customers in our pursuit of greater customer-centricity. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by writing to  [email protected]


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