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Shipping Guarantee

Modern supply chains can be complex. Even more so during peak shipping periods when vessels are full, and there is intense competition for space. With just a few clicks, you can protect your shipment from any rollovers and get your cargo shipped on time.

Enjoy your peace of mind now by having better planning through our Shipping Guarantee solution.

You can purchase the Shipping Guarantee after having placed a booking via our Web Booking or the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator.

Shipping Guarantee is globally available for our customers regardless of which booking channel you are using. Check the online purchase options after submitting your online booking. For further questions, please contact your local sales representative.

Your Benefits

Secured container load

Your shipment is protected from any rollovers from the initially booked vessel on the whole ocean leg.


Shipping Guarantee can be purchased up until 3 days prior to vessel departure at the port of loading.

Planning security

Get your shipment to its destination without rollovers and avoid disruptions in the supply chain.

Get your Shipping Guarantee in two simple steps

Easy purchase of Shipping Guarantee any time with just a few clicks.

  1. After submitting your booking via Web Booking or via the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, click on “Check out Shipping Guarantee„.

  2. Review the Shipping Guarantee fees, agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on "Purchase Shipping Guarantee„.

If you have already placed your booking and want to purchase a Shipping Guarantee directly, please click here.
Afterward, you will receive a booking confirmation that includes the Shipping Guarantee. And, most importantly, your peace of mind.

You can access Shipping Guarantee also via the Hapag-Lloyd Mobile App.

In the event that Google Play is not accessible to you, simply download the app here.


What our customers say about Shipping Guarantee

Lawrence Royen, Strategic Head at SurgePort Logistics, India

"With the space crunch with all carriers, the Shipping Guarantee helps us to meet the customers' demand and provide them additional security."

Key Facts

  • With the Shipping Guarantee, you can protect your shipment from any rollovers for the full sea transport, including transshipment ports.
  • Shipping Guarantee is available if you book via Hapag-Lloyd‘s Web Booking or the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator.
  • Fixed compensation for you in case of roll-over: 200% of the Shipping Guarantee fee subject to our legal terms.
  • The booking cancellation fee is 100% off the Shipping Guarantee fee. The booking amendment fee is 50% off the Shipping Guarantee fee.
  • The Shipping Guarantee fee will be invoiced together with the Sea Freight as per your normal payment terms.
  • If Hapag-Lloyd is not able to provide you with equipment for your shipment during the booking process, you, of course, will not be charged.

All terms can be found at Terms & Conditions of Transport.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Guarantee is currently only offered for 20ft standard shipping container, 40ft standard shipping container, and 40ft standard high cube shipping container.
Following containers are excluded from Shipping Guarantee: containers with Dangerous Goods, reefers (operated or non-operated), and Special Equipment (In Gauge or Out of Gauge).

Shipping Guarantee is globally available. Check the purchase options after submitting your booking or via the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator.

The Shipping Guarantee can only be purchased up until 3 days before voyage departure at the port of loading.

SGF or NRA is valid for the ocean leg only. It does not apply for any inland move including truck, rail, barge and it does not include an equipment guarantee. Furthermore, no compensation becomes due if an inland move is delayed or no equipment is available.

The booking subject to a Shipping Guarantee will not be rolled to another seagoing voyage at any port of loading or subsequent transshipment port, if any, except for rollouts due to Force Majeure.

With the Shipping Guarantee, customers can secure a guaranteed container load for the full sea transport including transshipment ports. 

The fees are always in Sea Freight currency and can be reviewed during the booking process. The current fees can be found above on this page or under Trade Surcharges.

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The shipper is entitled to a compensation in the amount of 200% of the applicable Shipping Guarantee (in short SGF or NRA) (“Compensation”), under the following conditions:

  • The container is rolled due to reasons in control of the carrier
  • The roll is for the first roll to another main voyage (including the first blank sailing not owing to Force Majeure). Subsequent or multiple rollings will not increase Compensation
  • If the cargo is transported with an alternative sailing within 2 days after the roll, no Compensation will become due.

Any compensation related to rolling a container is limited to the above-mentioned Compensation. Any other claims resulting from or in connection with the rolling of said container to another main voyage at the Port of Loading shall be subject to the applicable Hapag-Lloyd Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions.

The Shipping Guarantee is further subject to meeting all relevant cut-off times by the Merchant. In case any cut-off times are not met by the Shipper, or in case of a booking cancellation by the Shipper, the Shipper shall pay a cancellation fee of 100% the amount of the SGF or NRA.

Any changes, including but not limited to changes of the port of loading, the port of discharge, and the voyage before loading as well as changes of the commodity from non-hazardous to hazardous, container type or increase in the number of containers, retroactive booking adjustments that include changes of rate agreement numbers by the shipper, the SGF or NRA will cease and the Amendment Fee (50% of SGF / NRA) will be charged.

If the shipper instructs the Carrier to roll the shipment to another voyage or if the number of containers is reduced in the shipment, the SGF or NRA will cease and the Amendment Fee (50% of SGF / NRA) will be charged.


The Shipping Guarantee will be confirmed by an updated booking confirmation stating the Shipping Guarantee. 

The Shipping Guarantee is only confirmed by the booking confirmation indicating the Shipping Guarantee. In case the booking is not confirmed, no Shipping Guarantee fee will be charged. 

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