Customer Experience Survey

More feedback, more tailored service.

At Hapag-Lloyd, we constantly strive to improve your shipping experience. This is why we value your opinion so highly. Over the years, we have consistently listened to and acted upon your feedback, contributing to our successful partnership. We’d be thrilled to have you participate in our latest Customer Experience Survey(CES) to ensure we continue to meet your needs. Your investment of just 6 to 8 minutes will have a long-lasting positive impact.

Share your thoughts on

  • Our products, services and performance
  • Our commitment to sustainability
  • Us as your trusted shipping partner

Your answers are the driving force behind our innovations. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far! Here’s a glimpse of how your feedback has already sparked change    

  • You informed us that you’d prefer greener transportation options – meet Ship Green, our eco-friendly choice with biofuel-powered, emission-reduced transport.
  • You wanted easier solutions for your container tracking. We introduced a new API function to simplify your container tracking process with Hapag-Lloyd LIVE.
  • You asked for a smoother resolution process. Our Invoice Dispute Smartform made interactions more accessible, faster, and more efficient than ever before.
  • You wished for more digital expertise and real-time support, so we have started to roll out the Hapag-Lloyd Virtual Assistant and Live Chat for tailored assistance in selected markets.
  • You rightfully expect more value in everyday operations, so our Gemini Cooperation with Maersk will provide an interconnected ocean network with improved reliability and quality from February 2025.

From April 17th to May 8th, you’ll have the opportunity to fuel our commitment to being your “Number One for Quality” by completing our Customer Experience Survey

Remember: Just a few minutes of your input will further tailor our services to meet your needs, increasing your satisfaction with us. Your journey with Hapag-Lloyd is about to get even better!

Your feedback is our compass.


How does our Customer Experience Survey work?

One of the key measurements in our survey is the Net Promoter Score – or short NPS.

Here you rate our performance by scoring 0 to 10. 
These scores are not simply colored red or green – in fact, they signify “good” or “bad”.

To measure Customer loyalty our CES includes the NPS question: 

How likely are you to recommend Hapag-Lloyd to a colleague or business contact?

While the NPS indicates your long-term overall loyalty to us, the different survey sections allow you to give feedback on specific touchpoints or transactional topics.

Thank you for participating in our Customer Experience Survey. 
Tip the scale left or right and influence the future.

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