Customer Panel

Our products and our customers’ experiences with them are what enable us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. As discussed in other sections, we use a range of tools – such as surveys, qualitative interviews and focus groups on our
HL Navigator and Web Booking tools – to gain a better understanding of their experiences with and expectations of our products.

Based upon the insights we gain from this research, we improve our processes and products to ensure a better user experience and to satisfy customer needs regarding services that go beyond the pure transportation of their goods.

We have broadened the “tool box” we use to gain customer insights by establishing our customer panel. The advantage of a customer panel over a conventional survey is that it enables us to dive even deeper into the minds of our customers as well as to forge stronger ties with our customers via regular exchanges and interactions on a voluntary basis. This leads to high-quality outcomes, such as products and services that are precisely designed to satisfy their wishes and requirements.

For example, we had our customer panel explore the issue of the very moment a customer initiates contact with us, such as by entering our website. Thanks to our research, we learned that our customers need to be able to easily find products and services on our digital channels if they are to enjoy a superior customer experience. What’s more, we heard from our panel members just how important it is to have our digital channels offer the same kind of flawlessly intuitive and simple user experience that they enjoy when browsing websites in their private lives. With the help of their valuable feedback, we have already been able to enhance a number of the online products we offer.

Join us today if you would like to help us to design and improve our products! You can register for free to potentially become a member of our customer panel. And remember: By helping us, you are ultimately helping yourself!

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