User Guide: Tracing by Booking

At this page you can view the tracing information for all containers related to a specific booking or a specific Bill of Lading. In addition, you can display tracing details for each container individually.

If you do not have all authorizations for the services above you can request them via My Account. More information on how to request your authorizations you find within this user guide in the section My Account.

Screen area: Search

Enter the Booking number or the Bill of Lading number to which your desired container is related to. Press 'Find' to display the search result.

Screen area: List of Containers


The result table shows you general and special tracing information about your containers related to your booking or Bill of Lading.

Column: Bill of Lading Number

Shows you the Bill of Lading number the container is related to.

Column: Type

Shows you the ISO-type of the container.

Column: Status

Shows you the last tracing status of the container.

  • STRI  =    Stripping finished
  • STUF =    Stuffing finished

Column: Place of Activity

Shows you the place of the last activity of the container.

Button: Details

To view more details for a container select the respective row and click this button. You will be led to the page Tracing by container.

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