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Dangerous Goods mailbox changes

Dear Customer, 

Please kindly note that mailbox [email protected] will be no longer operational since 19.06.2024.
Kindly send all DG related documents/inquiries directly to your HL Booking Contact email address (mentioned on the Booking Confirmation).

The list of email addresses available:
[email protected]

Yours faithfully, Hapag Lloyd Area North Team

Questions & Answers asked during documentation webinar

Please find below links to the topics covered:

·How to Register:  Login -> Click on ‘Not yet registered?
You can also subscribe to our CustomerNEWS after your registration here. When we have your GDPR opt-in, we are also able to send you our local info mails and you wont miss out on further communication.

·Navigator: Find closing times for your shipment in the Overview and upcoming VGM & SI closings in the ToDo list.

·Submit your shipping instructions with our electronic advances Shipping Instructions (eaSI)

·BL Draft Approval: approve & edit your drafts online

·Country Requirements (via QQ): Request a Quick Quote and click on ‘Country Information and Requirements

·Offices & Local Info: You will find new contact details here once activities are handover to Hapag-Lloyd.


We also continue to accept Shipping Instructions and BL Draft corrections via established EDI-connections and EDI-portals.

Question: Answer: 
How/ Where can we send customs documents?

We will inform about new contact details in due time.

Please also find contact details here
which will be updated once activities are handover to Hapag-Lloyd.

Where it is possible to see B/L amend costs if the ship has sailed once we are trying to amend B/L via new Navigator?

You can find our Local Charges / Service Fees as e.g. Manifest Amendment Fee here:
In case we will need to get Original BL printed, what will be procedure now, where we can get Originals?

We are going to print your Export OBLs in Gdansk and send them to addresses in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania latest as of 1st February 2024.

You may also consider alternatives:
-Sea waybills, wherever possible and accepted.
-electronic Bills of Lading, please find more details here
-OBL self-printing if you have regular shipments with Hapag-Lloyd
-Telex / Print at destination (subject to local requirements, please Local Charges & Service Fees for costs)

Who will be responsible for additional charges in case Original Bls are printed at Gdansk and then by courier will be sent to customer, charges will be on Hapag account?

We are not going to charge for sending you the Export OBL to addresses in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania once we start printing them in Gdansk.
How can you find out if the transmission has been done if we are trying to amend via navigator? Customs Transmission:
You can see the status of different Customs transmissions here. Also note the Customs Details in the Booking Confirmation. 
Will the system send invoicing for B/L amends automatically ? Not automatically, charges are inserted & invoiced manually to you. Manifest amendment fees are only applicable for changes after first vessel departure / customs transmission (depending if feeder-/main vessel or trade).  
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