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Sales & General:

  • Generate a real-time quotation with just one click and make your booking immediately, please use Quick Quote (Login Required)

Please check the validity in the quotation, as it may differ depending on the origin and destination. Use our “valid-from”  option in Quick Quotes to select the starting date for validity

  • You can extend your freetime via our Additional Freetime solution.
  • You can buy AdditionalFreetime in three ways:                                         
  1. Log in to the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite and place your booking via our Booking tool: Booking Solution (Login Required)
  • Additional Freetime will be available after you have completed your booking.                                 
  1. Enter your login credentials and log in to Hapag-Lloyd’s Additional Freetime solution (Login Required) and directly enter your shipment number.    
  2. Enter your login credentials and log in to the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator (Login Required)
  3. Additional Freetime will be available for your shipment in the section Additional Products.

The FAK definition shows the commodities acceptance by Hapag-Lloyd in General Info

a.    In order to request a QQ SPOT booking please refer to the link below and always read the Terms &
Conditions befor purchasing the product. (Login Required)

The vessel schedule with transit time is available via the following link: Interactive Schedule

You may check the service coverage in the following interactive schedule link:  Interactive Schedule

Detention and demurrage tariffs for each country are available on the following link: Detention @ Demurrage Page 

All details regarding the locations of our worldwide offices are available at Offices-Local Info

Local charges that are not referenced directly in the rules can be found under our local charges/service fees
Our inland tariffs can be found here on our web site under Inland Tariffs
  • Please refer to Product Brochure page for “Container Specification”.
  • Weight restriction might be applied on certain services, please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd representative for more information.

Please refer to Product Brochure page for “Container Specification”.

Please check the available container types at Container Offerings

Container tare weight for each container under respective shipments can be viewed in our website upon containers linked into shipment: Verified Gross Mass (VGM) (Login Required)


Please refer to our Fleet, which includes both Hapag-Lloyd vessels and Chartering vessels.

  • New users can register for an account to the Online Business Suite via the link below: New User Registration 
  • Your local Hapag-Lloyd sales office will process your request and unlock the requested functionality of your account.

This will take a maximum of two working days.

a.    If you have forgotten your password for the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite or would like to set a new one, you can request an email with a link to change your password by clicking on the "Forget Password" option. Follow the instuction. Password Reset

  • You can subscribe to our newsletter via the following link: Newsletter Subscription 
  • Get updates about services, rates, and surcharges, as well as stories about Hapag-Lloyd, our customers, and the industry, just by subscribing to our CustomerNEWS
  • Use the following link to the Tracking Subscription and never miss the status of your container: (Login Required)
  • Whenever a change to the subscribed container status events occurs in the Hapag-Lloyd system, you will receive an email with related information.

Please use our Vessel Tracking tool directly in the Online Business Suite.  

  • With the "Track by Container" function, you can display the tracking information for a desired container. The information shown refers to your last booking to which the container was connected and either shows actual data or data for planned movements. Displayed data includes container information, container movement, and status information.
  • You can use the following link to enter a container number and to receive tracing information: Tracing by Container

Using our Quick Quotes Spot solution, you will have a loading guarantee at load ports and transshipment ports, and an equipment guarantee. (Login Required)

Hapag-Lloyd offers a number of e-Business products designed to assist the customers in delivering your

  • Bookings
  • Shipping instructions
  • Event reporting such as schedule deviations or vessel departure notifications

Please refer to e-Business solutions where we offer Bilateral EDI, Online Business, INTTRA, various e-mail solutions and mobile solution.
Please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd representative to receive more information.

  • In Navigator, you can find the following documents and information of your shipments:
  • Download the last Booking Confirmation version, the Invoices related to your cargo, Bl or SWB and Arrival Notices generated.
  • Also, you can find the details of your shipments, like routing details, transit time, Terminals & Depot involved, cut off dates and you can download a shipment list to handle on your own reference.
  • All of these and more in the link: Navigator Dashboard (Login Required) 
  • To stay up to date, Hapag-Lloyd LIVE lets you know what happens inside our Reefer containers during your refrigerated transport. Our intelligent monitoring technology - transmits live data from your Reefer containers directly to your screen: Reliable, uncensored, near to real-time data updated every hour without additional delay. We are committed to the highest level of transparency.
  • As various goods need different treatment, we offer two specified solutions. Choose Hapag-Lloyd LIVE Basic or Hapag-Lloyd LIVE Plus - two tailor-made products to keep your cargo in its best condition.
  • Hapag-Lloyd LIVE Basic - the perfect monitoring tool for all perishable and sensitive goods demanding temperature control - be it pharmaceuticals, dairy, frozen fish, or chocolate.
  • Hapag-Lloyd LIVE Plus - the advanced monitoring option for all commodities that need a controlled atmosphere and for all products requiring cold treatment.
  • Please access more information via below link: Hapag-Lloyd Live Reefer 
  • Alternatively, you can also refer to this instructional video: Hapag-Lloyd Live Reefer Video 



  • To ensure swift confirmation, bookings can only be placed with a valid quotation or contract number matching the shipment details.
  • To place a booking, please got to New Booking Solution (Login Required)
  • You can easily download your booking confirmation on the next link: Navigator Dashboard (Login Required)
  • Related Documents - Booking Confirmation

a.    You will receive your booking confirmation no later than 1 business hour after your booking request (for dry cargo). Please refer to our Quality Promises 


The mandatory data for placing a booking are:

  • Valid quotation/contract number 
  • Validity routing (POL and POD)  
  • Container quantity and type      
  • Empty container from the depot (date and hour)
  • Cargo description and HS Code
  • Cargo weight and unit of measurement

The mandatory details are required to avoid booking rejection or delay in confirmation.

We offer Positioning date or empty pick date 11 days prior to expected time of vessel arrival unless there is special contract for extended Empty pick up or positioning dates.

 Export empty pick up depot(s) are available in the first page of your booking confirmation and same can be downloaded in Navigator in the documents tab: Navigator Dashboard 

  • In order to amend your booking, please use the Booking Amendment tool.
  • Click on the link : Booking Amendment (Login Required) 
  • Enter the correct shipment number, select the “Amendment” radio button, and select the appropriate change request reason from the drop-down list. Check the email address and change if not correct, then click submit.
  • Note: The shipment number will automatically be pre-entered into the shipment number field if you access the web form via the Navigator: Navigator Dashboard (Login Required) 


  • In order to cancel your booking, please use the Booking Amendment tool.
  • Click on the link Booking Amendment (Login Required)
  • After entering the correct shipment number, you can select the “Cancel booking” radio button  within the form, select the appropriate cancellation reason from the drop-down list, check the email address (change if not correct), and click the submit button.
  • For more information, please refer to the User Guide (Booking Amendment)

You will receive a Booking Cancellation via mail, explaining you all details about your cancellation in the remarks field of the file. If booking was automatically rejected, the reason will appear in the first page of the file.

  • Our Booking solution offers a template as well as a booking copy function for your convenience.
  • Please go to our Booking solution and find the relevant booking by using "COPY" booking. (Login Required)
  • In our User Guide you will find the requested information in the section "Dangerous Goods Details
  • Here you will also find all local information on the Dangerous Goods documents requested.
  • With the vessel tracker, you can receive the current schedule for a selected vessel, including both mainline vessels and feeder vessels. Information includes all ports of call, arrival and departure dates, and the complete transit time. In addition, you can view more specific details concerning the vessel and the terminals. 
  • You can use the following link to select a mainline or feeder vessel to show the current schedule: Vessel-Tracker Solution


The cut off deadlines are available in navigator Cut Off dates and in your booking confirmation.  Navigator Dashboard 

All requests for deadline extension (Late Receivals) must be sent to [email protected].

At the moment to place your booking, please add in remarks section: "Food Grade container required" or “Flexi container required”

a.    All hazardous documents should be submitted 48 hours before FCL cut off via email on [email protected] for Australia and [email protected] for New Zealand. If documents received after cut off we will not be able to load the shipment.

We will provide a booking confirmation reflecting DG accepted.

For booking placed via E-channel HAPAG Lloyd Website/INTRA the approvals are received faster than bookings where MO41 draft is shared via email.

Customer can request vessel amendment: earlier or later. The confirmation depends on space availability and rate validity.

  • Please refer to Hapag-Lloyd Booking Confirmation where we will provide information under “Cut-off” section. 
  • Please refer to Online Business / My Shipment.(Login required)
  • To make your life easier, you can submit your VGM data easily online. For this, you can either choose the Hapag-Lloyd VGM solution or you can use the VGM Excel Template. Verified Gross Mass (VGM) (Login Required)
  • You can also check out our How to submit VGM page.
  • For all import container reuse please process these through Matchbox Exchange. For more information please click the links: Customer News - Introducing Matchbox Exchange Platform or direct link to Matchbox Exchange Website
  • Please note that containers that are re-exported without being processed through Matchbox will continue to collect import container detention charges. Therefore, it is very important that Matchbox is informed of all container reuse requests.
  • In order to change destination (COD), please use the Booking Amendment tool.
  • Enter the correct shipment number, select the
  • “Amendment” radio button, and select the appropriate change request reason from
  • the drop-down list. Check the email address and change if not correct, then
  • click submit.
  • Note: The shipment number will automatically be pre-entered into the shipment number field if you access the web form via the Navigator Dashboard

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