Trade Surcharges

This section provides a convenient overview on specific trade related surcharges and general information for a defined scope as applicable, including Bunker-, Peak Season- and Transport additionals.

For easier viewing of Terminal Handling- and Security charges at Origin and Destination, these are shown separately for each Region in the table below.

All terms stated in below PDF documents are valid until further notice.

Specific trade related Surcharges

Title Pages Size Language
Europe/North America Trades 2 88.0 KB English
Europe/Far East Trades 5 118.1 KB English
Europe/Latin America Trades 3 132.1 KB English
EMA Europe Med Africa Trades 7 121.2 KB English
Europe Middle East Indian Subcontinent 2 587.9 KB English

Worldwide Price Announcement - Marine Fuel Recovery Surcharge (MFR) and IMO 2020 Transition Charge (ITC)

For ease of reference, actual latest update on our Marine Fuel Recovery (MFR) table as global coverage is available here for download:

Please note the MFR is valid for both directions and shown as a separate surcharge on your invoice and freighted Bill of Lading.

The worldwide MFR charges shown are valid until further notice and will be frequently reviewed.

In respect of short term contracts and spot business with a validity of up to 3 months, an interim IMO 2020 Transition Charge (ITC) as notified in our Customer NEWS applies in addition as from December 1, 2019. Details are outlined in the PDF table as listed below.

Worldwide Price Announcement – Regional Terminal Handling – and Security Charges
For ease of reference, actual latest update on our Regional Terminal Handling – and Security Charges’ global coverage with regional scopes is available here for download.

For EU relevant trades only – in adherence to EU Commitments offered under Article 9 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2003

The Terminal Handling Charge or security related charge shown in the below PDF files may be subject to the following: Ocean Tariff Rate (to be found via following link: Ocean Tariff Rate), Bunker-related charges, other security-related charges, other Terminal Handling Charges, Peak Season Surcharge. In case of changes of one of the above-mentioned charges or of the ocean tariff rate, the others will remain unchanged respectively.
Please find further detailed information at the overview on trade surcharges (see above). Please note that other charges and contingency charges may apply in addition. Please note that all rates for EU relevant trades are valid until
further notice.

Regional Terminal Handling- and Security Charges

Shipping Guarantee Fees

Please find the current Shipping Guarantee fees on the Shipping Guarantee page.

Ship Green Fees

Please find the global fees applicable for Ship Green here. Further information about this service can be found on the Ship Green page.
All terms stated in the document are valid unless stated otherwise.
The fees are valid for both directions and shown as a separate invoice component.
All Ship Green Terms can be found at Terms & Conditions of Transport.

Title Pages Size Language
Ship Green Fees (BIO) Q4 2023 1 58.2 KB English
Ship Green Fees (BIO) Q3 2023 1 57.7 KB English
Ship Green Fees (BIO) Q2 2023 1 60.8 KB English
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