Take Charge of Your Shipments.


Stay on top of all your shipment information with our new Navigator 2.0. Get access to complete shipment data and easily navigate to container and cargo details, essential documents, and additional services – all in one place.

The Navigator 2.0 provides you with details of your shipments, options to easily manage your bookings, and supports your workflow by showing pending tasks for your shipments.

Take full control and manage your shipments independently on-demand with the new Navigator 2.0.

Your Benefits

Complete Shipment Data

View all the details and essential documents you need for your bookings and active shipments. 

Easy Booking Management

Copy, cancel, or update your bookings, or book additional services for your shipments with just a few clicks. 

Convenient Search and Tracking

Enjoy the enhanced search function using the booking, container, BL, or invoice number and quickly find and track your shipments. 

This is the Navigator 2.0

The Navigator 2.0 gives you all the details and documents you need for smooth sailing. The interface is very easy to use - just log in with your Hapag-Lloyd Online Business credentials and handle your shipments with a few clicks. 

Screenshot Navigator

Key Features

  • New list of shipments: Customizable detailed overview of your active shipments with multiple filters​.
  • Extended shipment details view: Specific shipment information, with easy navigation to container and cargo details, documents, and additional services​.
  • Enhanced search function: Find and track your shipment by using the booking, container BL, or invoice number.
  • Pending tasks: See upcoming to-dos for your shipment including due dates for the actual task​.
  • Booking management: Easily copy, cancel or update your bookings, or book additional services​.
  • Multi-device compatibility: Support for all screen sizes with no compromises regarding functionality.


Helpful Information

O que nossos clientes estão dizendo sobre Hapag-Lloyd Navigator

Giorgio Pozzati, SINTRA S.P.A., Itália

“Com o lançamento do Navigator, a Hapag-Lloyd não apenas nos traz um recurso útil, como demonstra mais uma vez o seu dinamismo, estando sempre um passo à frente e estabelecendo-se com exclusividade no mercado.”

Luca Mortara, Departamento Operacional e Comercial, GMT Steinweg

“O Hapag-Lloyd Navigator pode substituir meu arquivo pessoal! Todos os dados e documentos de embarque em uma única ferramenta!”

Marzena Marcinska, Especialista Exp., Altercol Polska Sp. z o.o.

“O Hapag-Lloyd Navigator representa um grande avanço no processo de digitalização e compartilhamento de dados. Ele oferece novas oportunidades ao conectar armadores, infraestrutura e pessoas de maneira segura e eficiente.”

Departamento de Relações Internacionais, CN Logistics Itália

“Tudo que eu preciso em uma página. O Hapag-Lloyd Navigator deixa minha vida profissional muito mais fácil!”

Perguntas frequentes

Navigator Data

Different security settings are applied to a user login based on the responsibilities you control as parties to a shipment, service contract, and/or bill of lading. The shipments that you see in the Navigator are based on these settings.  

All data that you see is live data and the Navigator is directly linked to our internal system.   

As a default, shipments are shown if their planned arrival date is three months in the past, and five months in the future. You can narrow this range by using the ETD/ETA date range filtering. Through the search functionality, you can also return shipments outside of the above date range. 

You can find this information via the “Container and Cargo Details View” after selecting “Shipment Details”. Alternatively, you can find the export empty pick-up depot(s) available on the first page of your booking confirmation or you can download the booking confirmation in the “Documents” tab. 

The cut-off deadlines are available in the Overview tab of the new Navigator 2.0 and in your booking confirmation. You can see all future cut-off dates and the past cut-off dates for up to one week (current day – 6 days).


List of Shipments

By default, the list is sorted by booking number in ascending order, but you can sort the table in whatever manner you like.

Yes, you can see the pending tasks for each shipment, including due dates, after you have selected it. Or you can see all the to do’s selecting by the “To Do’s” tab.



In the Navigator, you can find the following documents and information about your shipments: the latest version of your booking confirmation, the invoices related to your cargo, sea waybills, bills of lading, and arrival notices.
Also, you can find the details of your shipments, like routing details, transit time, terminals & depot involved, cut off dates; and you can download a shipment list to handle for your reference.

If some documents are not available for you, please contact our Customer Service.

You can easily find and download your documents in the Navigator in the “Documents” tab.


Usage and Features

Yes, it is available on your smartphone.

Features that you can look forward to include but are not limited to Hapag-Lloyd Live (real-time container tracking for limited customers only), tracing of operational events, and the direct download of documents.

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