Your guided booking request.


Hapag-Lloyd’s web solution for booking enhances your entire booking process. It’s easy to handle, available around the clock and provides high data quality for your bookings. 

Start your booking request with one click and the tool guides you through the process in just a few steps: From contract/quotation data via the routing including schedule, cargo, equipment, and finally to a review section to manage all your bookings in one place.

Your Benefits

24/7 Availability

Access the booking solution anytime and anywhere.  

Easy handling

Make your booking in just a few steps.  

High data quality

Data verification prior to submission supports higher data quality and fast process time.  

This is the Hapag-Lloyd Booking

With our web solution, can easily book your shipment and keep an overview of all bookings. These are the functionalities at a glance:

New Booking

Create a new booking with our guided wizard navigation in just a few steps to completion.

My Bookings

Find all your recent bookings with Hapag-Lloyd in the 'My Bookings' section. They are categorized as follows:

  • List of non-completed booking requests: Here, you can find all booking requests that have not been completed or submitted to Hapag-Lloyd, yet. You have the option to complete and submit as required or create a new booking on its basis.
  • List of submitted booking requests: Here, you can see all booking requests that have been completed and submitted to Hapag-Lloyd. You also have the option to copy a booking to quickly start a new booking based on the same data.
  • List of confirmed bookings: Here, you can see all booking requests that have already been confirmed by Hapag-Lloyd. You also have the option to copy a booking to quickly start a new booking based on the same data.

Template List

Use the 'Template List' for repetitive bookings, taking advantage of tailor-made template. On the Template list page, you will find all templates you have created that can be used for a new booking based on same data.


For further information, please refer to the User Guide for booking.  

Key Features

  • Less typing: Your data is prefilled based on the Hapag-Lloyd quotation number 
  • Start now – complete later: Your input is saved as a draft when you leave and you can complete your booking at any time later. 
  • Faster booking confirmation: Data Verification prior to submission supports higher data quality which leads to a faster booking confirmation.
  • Various container types: Easily book reefer, Out of Gauge and hazardous cargo with all necessary data.
  • Instant Booking Number: Receive your booking number upon submission of your booking request.
  • Complete transparency: Have an overview of all bookings status’ throughout your organization with the booking list.
  • Templates available: Reuse data through the “copy booking” and “template function” for repetitive cargo and frequent routes.  


How to use the Booking web solution?

  1. Register for our Online Business and go to the booking web solution.
  2. Insert your data in each tab of the tool.
  3. Click on 'Submit' on the Review & Complete tab to finalize your booking
  4. Optionally, you can add further services to your existing booking.


You can access Booking also via the Hapag-Lloyd Mobile App.

In the event that Google Play is not accessible to you, simply download the app here.


Addtional Services for your Shipment

You can complete your bookings with one of the additional services below:

Shipping Guarantee

Protect your shipment from any rollovers with just a few clicks and get your cargo shipped on time.

Additional Freetime

Purchase container-detention time for your shipments after having placed a booking in addition to the free time tariffs.

Quick Cargo Insurance

Get online access to our high-class cargo insurance for selected countries and feel at ease knowing that your cargo is insured against most risks during its journey with us.   

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure swift confirmation, bookings can only be placed with a valid quotation or contract number matching the shipment details.   

There is no need to re-type frequently used data when making a new booking. Our Web Booking product offers a “template” as well as a “copy booking” function for your convenience.

No worries, we got you covered. Your input is saved whenever you advance to the next screen in our wizard. We also save your data as a draft when you leave the session before being able to finish your Web Booking.

We automatically verify your booking data before submission. This way we ensure that we have all information we need to send you a Booking Confirmation as quickly as possible.

With our Booking tool, you can also book reefer containers, Out of Gauge as well as hazardous cargo.

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