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With your cargo planning in mind, we can offer you a new digital freight solution that provides planning certainty for your shipments – Quick Quotes Spot. Request your fixed rate, immediately see the available voyages for your selected routing, and get your confirmed booking with guaranteed fulfillment.

Booking Quick Quotes Spot provides you with unique features such as instant booking confirmation, a loading guarantee at load ports and transshipment ports, and an equipment guarantee.

Quick Quotes Spot is currently available for all customers globally except for imports and exports to/from the United States and Canada.

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Your Benefits

Planning Certainty

Enjoy extra protection for your shipment with the loading and equipment guarantee included.

Full Transparency

Take advantage of the overview of available options for the selected voyage, and make use of the fixed rate at the time of booking. 


Instant Confirmation

Benefit from immediate booking confirmation right after the booking is submitted.

This is our Quick Quotes Spot

Get your Quick Quotes Spot rate in just a few steps:

  1. Log into the Quick Quotes Spot tool with your Hapag-Lloyd Online Business credentials.
  2. Enter your start location, destination, and container details, and click on the “Request Offers” button.
  3. View the details of the individual departures and the space availability, choose your Quick Quotes Spot rate, and click on “Book Now.”
  4. Review the booking details, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on “Submit Booking.”
  5. After your booking is submitted, you will instantly get a booking and rate confirmation with the space and equipment guarantee included via email.

If there is no suitable Quick Quotes Spot rate available, you can also generate a quotation using Quick Quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A loading guarantee is based on the booked voyage or within two (2) days before or after the ETD as confirmed in the booking confirmation. Hapag-Lloyd guarantees the loading of the containers at any seaport of origin as stated in the booking confirmation, and guarantees the loading at destination on the next available sailing after the arrival of the containers at the relevant port of discharge.

Quick Quotes Spot is currently available for all customers globally except for imports and exports to/from the United States and Canada.

No, a Quick Quotes Spot rate confirmation is valid for a specific departure and cannot be used to place further bookings.

Containers for dry cargo – 20 STD, 40 STD, and 40 HC – are covered by Quick Quotes Spot. The following containers are currently excluded: containers with dangerous goods or cargo with special handling, reefers (operated or nonoperated), and special equipment (in gauge or out of gauge).

Yes, as one of the core value propositions of the digital solution. The equipment will be granted based on a predefined list of depots, available to you as a drop-down list in the Quick Quotes Spot solution.

Yes; however, as part of the mutual agreement between carrier and customers, if a customer decides to cancel the Quick Quotes Spot booking, a cancellation fee of USD 1,000/container or a no-show fee of USD 1,200/container will be applicable (except for mainland China* origins, where a cancellation fee of USD 500/container and a no-show fee of USD 600/container will be applicable).

* Mainland China excludes Hong Kong and Taiwan

The customer is entitled to receive a fixed compensation fee under the following conditions:

a) Hapag-Lloyd fails to provide the equipment.
b) The container is rolled in any pre-carriage before arrival at the main port of loading due to reasons within the control of Hapag-Lloyd.
c) The container is rolled at the main port of loading due to reasons within the control of Hapag-Lloyd.
d) The container is not loaded onto the next available vessel after discharge at any destination port after the main loading has occurred and due to reasons within the control of Hapag-Lloyd.
e) In the event of a delay of more than ten days to the vessel’s departure compared to the original ETD stated in the first booking confirmation.
f) If the container is transported with an alternative sailing within two days of the roll, no compensation is due.

Any compensation related to rolling a container is limited to the above-mentioned compensation, and the customer is entitled to receive the compensation only once per booking. Any other claims resulting from or in connection with the rolling of said container to another main voyage at the port of loading shall be subject to the applicable Hapag-Lloyd bill of lading or sea waybill terms and conditions. Furthermore, the customer is entitled to compensation only if the payment conditions are met in full.

No, if you want to have special free-time conditions, you need to purchase Additional Freetime packages, which are available in our Online Business Suite and subject to the product’s terms and conditions.

The price is available for 40 minutes, as long as you stay in the web application. Once the time is up or you close the application, the price is no longer valid and needs to be re-requested.

No, this is not allowed.

No, this is not allowed.

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