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Our Hapag-Lloyd Navigator will make your life easier. The digital dashboard provides you with a bird’s-eye view of all your relevant data, offering you real-time information around the clock. The Navigator will help you keep all your shipment information straight, saving you time when managing your various shipments and bookings.

The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is seamlessly integrated into the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite and is available to all customers around the world.

Check out the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator and have all your important shipment data in one place.

Key features

More Transparency

View all your shipment information on one single screen.

24/7 Live Data

Check the live status of your shipments and bookings at any time.

Important Documents

Have all your important shipment-related documents in one place.

Mobile Availability

Keep track of your shipments on the go with your mobile device.

Latest Update

Key Features

The new version provides you with complete data on your shipments, options to easily manage your bookings, and supports your workflow by showing pending tasks for actual shipment. 

New List of Shipments

Customizable detailed overview of your active shipments with multiple filters.

Extended Shipment Details View

Specific shipment information, with easy navigation to container and cargo details, documents, and additional services.

Pending Tasks

See upcoming to-dos for each booking including due dates for the actual task.

Enhanced Search

Use your container, invoice, or BL number to quickly find and track your shipment.

Additional features

Alerts on outstanding items

  • VGM cut-off submission
  • Shipping Instruction submission
  • Expiring rates for your online quotations (Quick Quotes)

Easy access

Have direct links to supporting features in the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business available, such as the easy-to-fill-in Booking Amendment web form to send a cancellation or update request. 

Please note: The Navigator has been optimized for the following web-browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. The Navigator is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.


Everything at a Glance

What our customers say about Hapag-Lloyd Navigator

Giorgio Pozzati, SINTRA S.P.A., Italy

“With the launch of Navigator, Hapag-Lloyd provides not only a useful resource for us, but demonstrates once again its dynamism staying always a step forward and becoming unique in the market."

Luca Mortara, Operative & Commercial Dept., GMT Steinweg

"The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator can substitute my personal mail archive! All shipments data and documents in one tool!"

Marzena Marcinska, Exp. Specialist, Altercol Polska Sp. z o.o.

"The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is a great step in the process of digitization and sharing data. It provides new opportunities by better connecting carriers, infrastructure, and people in a safe and efficient way."

Overseas Department, CN Logistics Italy

"All I need on one page. The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator makes my working life much easier!”

This is the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator

The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is a central monitoring dashboard that provides relevant information on your shipments with Hapag-Lloyd. The Navigator’s interface is very easy to use - just login to your Hapag-Lloyd online account and handle your shipments with a few clicks.

The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator consists of these components:

  • The "List of Shipments"
  • "Shipment Details"
  • ''Access the new Booking Amendment feature via “Update Booking” or “Cancel Booking”
  • "Related Documents"
  • "Cargo Details"
  • "Additional Digital Products" such as Cargo Insurance, Additional Freetime and Shipping Guarantee to book immediately
  • "To Do’s" such as missing VGM information, missing Shipping Instructions or expiring quotes with color coding to indicate urgency
Example Screenshot of the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator


Helpful Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Different security settings are applied to a user login based on the responsibilities they control as parties to a shipment, service contract, and/or bill of lading. The shipments that you see on the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator are based on these settings. E.g. only if you have negotiated rates with us, will you be able to see the quotation details.

All data that you see is live data and the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is directly linked to our internal system. It is the same data our colleagues have access to.

As a default, we load shipments with a departure date from current date, two months into the past and two months into the future. Note that the booking placement date does not impact the display of shipments. Bookings placed six months in the past will appear as long as the departure date falls within the aforementioned rule.

By default, the list is sorted by booking number in ascending order, but you have the possibility to sort the table in whatever manner you like.

No, the tasks you see here cover all you shipments and alert you on missing items in general.

In order to provide you fast with new digital products, we have decided to build these into a new cloud-based environment. Unfortunately, when switching between the “new” and the “old” environment, an additional login is required. We are already working on a solution that remembers your login credentials and forwards you seamlessly.

Yes, it is available on your smartphone and also in Hapag-Lloyd Mobile App

Features that you can look forward to include but are not limited to: Hapag-Lloyd Live (real-time container tracking for limited customers only), tracing of operational events, direct download of documents...

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