EC5 Service - MV “Yantian Express” (voyage 108E) – Update No.19

We are glad to share with you latest encouraging progress achieved on MV “Yantian Express” Voyage 108E, with its current status being as follows:

  • All necessary preparatory work could be successfully concluded and the vessel finally sailed from Freeport, Bahamas in the evening of May 15, 2019
  • ETA at Halifax, Nova Scotia is now anticipated for May 20, 2019 and preparations are underway to support a smooth discharge operation at the terminal after arrival.
  • As previously noted, cargo will be delivered in the usual way under the relevant contract of carriage for all those customers who have arranged salvage and General Average security. Accordingly, for secured cargo, Arrival Notices will be despatched to Consignees and Notify parties as appropriate.
  • However, any cargo still being without security coverage at this point, cannot be forwarded to its final destination. Therefore, in order not to jeopardize delivery, and avoid unnecessary delays, you are kindly reminded to care for salvage- and General Average security by return, and urgently contact Richard Hogg Lindley (RHL) as nominated adjusters.
  • All endeavours are currently undertaken to organize operational arrangements for the onforwarding of containers to their various destinations beyond Halifax.
  • In the meantime, we kindly remind you to take care for timely filing of your imports to meet local Customs requirements as appropriate.

For all other information, we invite you to call our dedicated hotline directly at the following telephone number:

+ 1 833-445-6397

Alternatively you are also welcome to contact us via following email address:


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Liner Services

Geographical Scope

  • USA - Export
  • East Asia (from/to Americas) - Import
  • Canada - Import
  • East Asia (from/to Americas) - Export
  • USA - Import
  • Canada - Export

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