Regional Updates in Europe

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

+++ last updated on September 30, 2022 +++

Operational challenges

  • Port of Felixstowe September 27 to October 4, 2022 (8 days)
  • U.K. Rail strikes confirmed for October 1 and 5, 2022.

Terminal situation

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA: Yard utilization and reefer plug availability at 869 are high and may have a negative operational impact. At 913 yard utilization and reefer plug availability are normal. General yard density and reefer plug availability at 1700 is operationally sound, however, the empty storage area is fully utilized. Labor availability sufficient at all three terminals.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Europe Container Terminals (ECT): Yard utilization is high and may lead to some operational restrictions. Labour availability is low but might improve from week 40. Reefers utilization at DDE is high and import pick-up dependent. Terminal is seeing improvement in the long dwell times for T/S and export cargo but import dwell times are still very high. ECT off yard storage with a capacity of 3000 TEU for long dwelling imports is fully utilized. Acceptance of empty containers to the terminal is still limited. Berth line-up is under pressure with new services pushing into the terminal.

  • Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): Yard is highly utilized with an upward trend for the upcoming week and may lead to operational restrictions. Labor availability is ok. Reefer plugs are limited due to seasonal demand. Cargo opening times for export cargo acceptance at RWG is 8 days in advance of vessel ETA. RWG is still not accepting delivery of empty containers until further notice as a yard protection measure. Empty stack situation has a negative impact on vessel operations and waiting times.
  • Feeders and barges are operating normally.

United Kingdom

  • Southampton Port (SOU): Labor is stable. Yard utilization is high and may have negative impact on terminal productivity. Reefer plug utilization increased but still sufficient. SOU cargo opening time for the acceptance of export cargo is 10 days in advance of vessels ETA. Berth availability is rather tight and berthing delays are to be expected, especially during current cruise season and cruise vessels which have priority over container liner vessels.
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): Stable gang availability continues at LGP. Yard utilization stands at a low level. Reefers plug utilization at a relaxed level. Pilot availability recovered.

Hamburg, Germany 

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): Labor availability is stabilizing after signing the new tariff agreement. Labour availability on weekends is unpredictable. Yard utilization is high, and although it has improved, it has a negative effect on productivity and maximum gang deployment. Import-heavy calls remain a challenge and are faced with longer waiting times and are performing split calls at WVN if possible, to ease the yard situation at CTA. T/S cargo: will only be accepted if the connecting mainliner is scheduled to call within the next 10 days. For train delivery, the acceptance window is 7 days in advance of connecting vessels ETA. CTA limits the amount of idling IMO tank containers in the yard with a 24hrs delivery restriction. Export cargo via Truck is only accepted 48 hours in advance of vessel call.

  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB): Positive effect of the official agreement visible with a return of labour during the week and partly on weekends. Due to the high yard utilization, the terminal needs to reduce the labour to protect the yard from overflow. With reduced productivity, there are extended port stays of all services. Import pick-up is imperative to ease the yard situation at CTB. . From 01. APR, CTB implemented the same T/S rule as CTA (T/S acceptance only 10 days prior to connecting vessel). Backlog of the pier maintenance, low productivity due to labour shortage + conflict, and high yard utilization led to high waiting times outside the port of Hamburg

  • New area for long-standing containers has been opened at the port of Hamburg.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • CNMP/GMP/TNMSC: High amount of vessel activity. Labor availability slowly coming back to normal levels. CNMP: Yard utilization improving and no further impact on terminal productivity is expected. Gate opening time at CNMP 7 days prior vessel ETA but end of this restriction expected shortly due to improved yard situation. At GMP and TNMSC the yard occupancy and availability of truck appointments have increased significantly.
  • Strike announced for 29.09./0900-1300 nation wide (national retirement amendment) + All Le Havre terminals will be on strike and closed 03.10./0600-0900 due to general assembly of local stevedore union.

Transport situation

North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • Rail requires around 3-4 week of pre-advice
  • Reduced truck availability
  • Empty repositioning limited.

Germany & Central Europe

  • Depot utilization has dropped with the peak areas of Leipzig and Ulm dropping below 100% to around 95%.
  • Pre-notice for placing truck bookings is still at 2 weeks for direct trucking from Hamburg and 3 weeks for local trucking in conjunction with rail bookings.
  • The port of Hamburg is still congested


  • Low water at the Rhine, fluctuating with the tendency to get lower.
  • Port congestion still present
  • Overloaded railhub in Antwerp, not able to handle all trains, so less trains can reach Antwerp out of Germany and France.
  • Truck capacity is limited due to low water, shortage of drivers and problems with train.


  • Truck capacities are back to normal : Availability 03/10 via Fos and 04/10 via LH
  • Rail capacities improved excepted Bordeaux area which require 2 weeks of pre-advice
  • Barge capacities are still ok in Fos. Local haulage in Paris area full on week 40 especially in the morning

United Kingdom/Ireland

  • Truck No capacity issues in either UK or Ireland
  • Rail Coatbridge terminal congested due to operational issues.
  • Depot Capacity issues at Liverpool due to dock closure (ongoing strike action Sept 19 –Oct 3)
  • Terminals Grangemouth, Southampton & Gateway busy but no issues. On-going industrial action at Felixstowe and Liverpool.



  • For the entire month of August 2022 civil works have been scheduled to the Genoa rail network - rail activity to/fm Genoa old port will be totally stopped from August 5 until September 6, 2022, due to work at the “linea sommergibile” connecting external rail network to the port. No rail activity can be performed fm/to GPT and PSA GP terminal during this time. For the same period civil works are planned also at Mignanego rail tunnel outside Genova limiting the transit of the apennines to the Ovada routing – works are expected to limit by 30% rail capacity to/fm Genoa PSA VTE terminal.
  • Weekly rail connections from La Spezia to Milano-Melzo.


  • Trucks shortage is aggravating. Truckers move towards transporting conventional cargo like cereals, at much higher prices.

Med Agents*

*Med Agents = *Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Novorossiysk, Russia

  • Odessa, Ukraine: operations are suspended
  • Romania: both CSCT and Socep heavily congested; gate in full not allowed before more than 7 days prior vessel ETA; vessel operation windows disbanded. Depots are heavily congested.
  • Slovenia: EXP: cnts GIFU 3 days prior vessel berthing (valid from JAN 2022, until cancelation) to avoid possible operational congestion in Port of Koper; GATE IN for week 34 is tuesday 23.08. / IMP: lack of drivers for CH delivery; possible delivery delays of 2-3 days due to high demand.

Ukraine/Russia updates:

  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.


Customer Service

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  • We kindly ask you to review the possibility of covering your shipments by Sea-Waybill instead of Original Bills of Lading, if legally and commercially acceptable.
  • For the surrender of Original Bills of Lading prior to container release at destination, please contact your local office for detailed guidance, they are happy to assist you. Please also consider electronic payment channels to avoid physical contact needs.
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Vessel updates and port changes per service

East - Mediterranean Express (EMX) - schedule updates due to strike at Felixstowe
  • MV Cosco Vietnam V. 236N with ETA Felixstowe, GB September 29, 2022 will omit this port due to the week-long strike. Import cargo will be discharged in Antwerp, BE and rerouted on the Far East Loop 3 (FE3) service to Southampton, GB on MV HMM Nuri V. 006E with ETA Southampton October 5, 2022. Carrier haulage to final inland destination will be arranged as booked. CY bookings will be picked up at the Southampton terminal.
    Your export cargo initially booked for MV Cosco Vietnam V234S with ETD Felixstowe, GB September 30, 2022 will be transferred to the next available sailing.

Far East Loop 5 (FE5)

  • MV YM WISDOM 012W will be calling Wilhelmshaven, DE to minimize the waiting time for your import cargo.
    Estimated Time of Arrival at Wilhelmshaven: September 8, 2022.
    • Cargo transshipment to ScanBaltic destinations
    • Carrier haulage solutions from Wilhelmshaven into Central European final destinations
    • Terminal details:
      Eurogate Container Terminal
      Ozean-Pier 1
      26388 Wilhelmshaven
  • MV YM WELLSPRING 013W will be calling Bremerhaven, DE to minimize the waiting time for your import cargo.
    Estimated Time of Arrival at Bremerhaven: September 16, 2022.
    • Cargo transshipment to ScanBaltic destinations
    • Carrier haulage solutions from Bremerhaven into Central European final destinations
    • Terminal details:
      North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven 
      Senator Borttscheller Str. 14
      27568 Bremerhaven

Far East Loop 2 (FE2

  • MV ONE TRIUMPH V. 019W will be calling Wilhelmshaven, DE to minimize the waiting time for your import cargo.
    Estimated Time of Arrival at Wilhelmshaven: September 19, 2022.
    • Cargo transshipment to ScanBaltic destinations
    • Carrier haulage solutions from Wilhelmshaven into Central European final destinations
    • Terminal details:
      Eurogate Container Terminal
      Ozean-Pier 1
      26388 Wilhelmshaven

South Africa Express (SAX)

  • Phase-in/out
  Vessel Name Estimated Time of Arrival Port
Phase-out MV Santa Rosa V. 223S October 26, 2022 Cape Town, South Africa
Phase-in MV Mehuin V. 224S November 15, 2022 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • South Africa Express (SAX) - MV MOL Proficiency V. 224S
    The vessel is experiencing technical issues and requires repairs before sailing to North Europe. The vessel is at Algeciras, ES waiting for parts and repairs.
    MV MOL Proficiency V. 224S ETA Rotterdam is revised to September 30, 2022 and London Gateway October 2, 2022.
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