Regional Updates in Latin America

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Latin America

+++ last updated on September 24, 2022 +++

Terminal operations

  • Ensenada, Mexico: Critical congestion causing delay in container releases

Port Operations:

  • Barranquilla, Terminal: Allowed draft is now 8.8 mts only daylight operation for LOA vessels longer than 200 mts. River blockage was solved and BAQ operation is now running 100%.
  • Kingston, Jamaica: Terminal: Yard and port congestion continues.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: Terminal: Hurricane storm affects terminal equipment, vessels operate normally on itineraries and with some crane limitations.
  • Puerto Cortes, Honduras: Terminal congestion still persists despite strike being over. Continuous delays during cargo ops, terminal is completely congested with containers and all cargo ops are running slowly (ongoing wk 38)
  • Puerto Cabello, Venezuela: Terminal: General delay in the yard due to x-ray scanner congestion, slower yard operations (arround 75%). (ongoing wk 38)
  • Veracruz, Mexico: High density in yard and congestion at ICAVE TERMINAL due to volume increase, which impacts trucking availability.
  • Ensenada, Mexico: EIT TERMINAL is facing critical levels of congestion beyond nominal max capacity, wich causes a lack of truck availability and impacts on the performance of container release. (ongoing wk 38)


  • Nothing to report

Trucking availability   

  • Venezuela: lack of gas and diesel. Approximately 75% of trucking companies working.

Feeder availability

  • X-press : Continue with bi-weekly frequency in Big Island service


  • Mexico : IMEX Rail Ramps are overwhelmed and congested due to high volumes.

Service updates

  • Nothing to report

Customer Service

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Find out about the service updates in Latin America

  • Conosur (CON) phase-in / phase-out
    • MV ROTTERDAM EXPRESS 236 EB will phase out at Guayaquil, EC on September 12, 2022 for one round voyage. The entire Eastbound call will be omitted. The imports to San Antonio will be covered by other services. Cargo to Brazil will be distributed in additional vessels in the Conosur service.
    • MV GEMLIK EXPRESS will be phased in Conosur service in the westbound leg. ETA to Rio de Janeiro October 8, 2022 and will follow the westbound rotation to Guayaquil, EC. She will then phase out on October 31, 2022. 
    • MV ROTTERDAM EXPRESS will phase back in to Conosur on October 31, 2022, resuming her Eastbound voyage in Conosur.

Mediterranean South America West Coast Express (MSW)

  • Updated schedules:


Vessel ETD Port Country Week
IRENES REMEDY August 11 2022 Puerto Limon Costa Rica 32
BLANK SAILING August 15 2022 Puerto Limon Costa Rica 33
AS CARELIA August 22 2022 Puerto Limon Costa Rica 34

* * *

North Europe South America East Coast Express (ECX)

Blank sailings southbound and northbound as follows:

Vessel Estimated Time of Arrival First Loading Port Corresponding Week
No vessel October 19 2022 Montevideo (UY) 42
No vessel November 16, 2022 Rotterdam (NL) 46
No Vessel December 28 2022 Montevideo (UY) 52

* * *

US Gulf - South America East Coast Service (GS1)

  • Vessel phase-in/phase-out
  Vessel Name Estimated Time of Arrival Port
Phase-out MV CONSTANTIA V. 226N August 20 2022 Cartagena(CO)
Phase-in MV CAPE PIONEER V.226N August 20 2022 Cartagena(CO)

MV CONSTANTIA phased in at Buenos Aires (AR) on August 1, 2022 and will be phasing out on August 20, 2022 at Cartagena (CO). All cargo will be transferred to MV CAPE PIONEER.

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