Regional Updates in Latin America

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Latin America

+++ last updated on February 2, 2023 +++

  • Iquique, Chile: Closed. Heavy Swell warning until February 2, 2023. Vessel affected HMM BLESSING V. 0022W ETA 05.02.2023
  • Angamos, Chile: Closed. Heavy Swell warning until February 2, 2023. Vessel affected MV Cordillera.

Customer Service

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For faster BL release at destination, you can switch from OBL to SWB, if any assistance needed please reach out to your customer service documentation team.

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Find out about the service updates in Latin America

California Central America Express (CCE

  • No schedule updates for this week.

US Gulf - South America East Coast (GS1)

  • MV TEMPANOS NB schedule update.
    • Voyage 2301 NB, Blank Sailing.
    • Voyage 2302 NB, ETA Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 10 2023
  • MV TEMPANOS SB schedule update.
    • Voyage 2309 SB, Blank Sailing.
    • Voyage 2310 SB, ETA Veracruz, Mexico, March 8 2023

South America - Asia / Loop 1 (AN1)

  • Direction WB: MV CAUTIN V. 2248W to omit Coronel, Chile.

Asia to South America Eastcoast Service / Loop 2 (AS2

  • No schedule updates for this week.

South America - Asia / Loop 2 (AN2

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Asia Mexico Express (AME1 also known as TPM)

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Asia Latin America Service (JCS

  • Schedule update for the westbound direction here

North Europe - South America Westcoast Service (SWX

  • No schedule updates for this week.

West Coast South America Express (MSW

  • Direction NB: GEMLIK EXPRESS V 304N change rotation and will omit Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Mediterranean to South America Eastcoast (MSE) Northbound

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Caribbean Express Service (CES)

  • HSL Nike V 303N omitted Kingston, Jamaica and will change rotation between Santa Marta, Colombia and Puerto Limon, Costa Rica on its northbound rotation.

South America East Coast Service (SEC

  • Vessel phase-in/phase-out

MV CAPE PIONEER originally planned to phase in on SEC service taking the position left by MV AL SAFAT will do a slide to cover a position on GS1 service. The phase in will be performed by MV SEASPAN EMPIRE in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 11, 2023 with no vessel for voyage 303 SB.

West Coast South America 2 (WS2) service

  • There's a rotation update available here
  • Direction NB: Service new rotation from end of January withdrawing Ecuador.

North Europe-South America East Coast (ECX) Service

  • MN HUNGARY V. NA305Rwill omit Rio Grande, Brazil on the northbound direction with ETA 04.02.2023
  • Schedule update for this service available here
Conosur (CON) service
  • Blank sailing on the westbound rotation on week 8 for MV. Antofagasta Express V. 307W
  • Rotation update available here



  Vessel Name Estimated Time of Arrival Port
No Vessel / blank sailing MV CAPE PIONEER V.303SB* January 17, 2023 New York (US)
Phase-in MV SEASPAN EMPIRE V.306NB February 11, 2023 Buenos Aires (AR)
  *Exports will be rolled to next voyage    
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