Regional Updates in Asia & Oceania

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Asia & Oceania

+++ last update: June 24, 2022 +++

Terminal Operations


  • No reports.


  • Pusan:  
    PUS yards remain at high levels of 85%. HJNC, PNIT and HPNT temporarily restrict gate-in moves for local & TS export that will not to be loaded within 3 days (5 days for TS) to improve yard utilization until further notice.

  • HJNC berth waiting time is 0 to 24 hours, PNIT berth waiting is 0 to 18 hours and HPNT is 0 to 32 hours. GWCT yard utilization is 57% and expected waiting time is 0 to 6 hours.


  • Shanghai:
    The average berth-waiting time is 0.5 to 1.5 days at SIPGSD YS4 terminal and 1 to 2 days at WGQ terminal. Overall YS4 yard utilization is 74% and WGQ is 69%.
  • Ningbo:
    Most terminald are under severe Yard and berth congestion. Yard occupancy is over 85%. The port might be affected by strong wind / monsoon, which might cause port closure and lower vessel productivity. Expected average berth waiting time across other Ningbo terminals 3 to 4 days.
    CMICT is yard congestion is at 83%. Average waiting times of 3 days.
    NBSCT and NBCT is heavily congested with yard at 85%. Waiting times 3 days.
    MD2 vessels have shifted to YZCT as the average waiting time is lower with 18 to 26 hours.
  • Nansha:
    GOCT terminal average waiting time of 12 to 24 hours. Berth-on-Arrival for regular service at NICT terminal. Extra loader case by case.

  • Yantian:
    For export laden delivery, the current delivery rule / arrangement is ETB - 7 days. There is no restriction for import laden delivery & empty delivery. For vessel berthing, 0.5 – 1 day waiting time expected. Current yard utilization is at 74%. Longer berth waiting time is expected if vessel arrives from high-risk ports, if vessel carries out a full COVID-19 test, if vessel have crew change within 14 days of arrival at Yantian. If vessel have crew change within 14 days when arrival Yantian, YICT would defer the vessel berthing until 14 days. Due to strict COVID-19 controlling and preventing measures, vessel productivity has decreased with longer port stays. Vessel ETB / ETC / ETD are subject to actual ports and terminals situation. As an additional COVID-19 control measure, from 15-Mar-2022, YICT have restricted the handling of import reefer container from Vietnam loaded with fruits shipment. 
  • Qingdao:
    Terminals impacted by intermittent fog causing port closure. Vessels that required PCR test at berth must wait longer for berth window. Average waiting time is 48 to 72 hours.
  • Shekou:
    Pilot availability is limited and pilot service might not be available at time requested due to COVID restrictions. Average port stay times are 0.5 to 1.5 days. As an additional COVID-19 control measure, from 15-Mar-2022, SCT/CCT/MCT have restricted the handling of import reefer container from Vietnam loaded with fruits shipment. From 01 July 2022, Shekou - SCT/CCT/MCT will lift Vietnam RF fruit product import restriction. Shekou (MCT/SCT/CCT) gate in policy changed from ETA -5 days to ETB -5 days effective from 13 April/1200LT. THEA MD1/MD2/MD3 services gate in policy remain ETB -7 days. From 13th Jun, 2022 DG of IMO 3, IMO 8 and NON DG chemical cargo Boric Acid (HS CODE: 2810002000) are prohibited at CNSHK for import.

Hong Kong

  • The current RF yard density and utilization at MTL is 58%. Reefer facilities and resources at HKSPA (MTL and HIT) is limited and utilization is on high level. Vessel berthing will be prioritized for pure loading vessels or vessels with loading volume more than discharge volume. Berthing of vessels with discharge volume more than load volume will be handled subject to MTL yard situation. In average, the waiting time is 0 - 18 hours or longer for discharge vessel and is subject to yard density. The berth waiting time for high re-stow volume vessel and high reefer discharge volume is also longer.


  • In VNVUT, the berth waiting time for TCIT is 0 to 37 hours, while for SSIT, it is Berth on arrival and 62% yard density. For Cat Lai, the waiting time is also within 4.5 hours. Yard density of TCIT is 70%. The berth waiting time of HICT is 6 to 12 hours due to crane maintenance and their yard density is 62%. Provisionally, Cat Lai Giang Nam will only receive the inbound Dry cargo ex terminals in VUT to Cat Lai Giang Nam as the priority . As for RF / OOG cargo ex VUT to Cat Lai Giang Nam, the terminal operator will confirm to accept case by case  


  • The average waiting time is 22 hours for export and import voyages. Delays are due to bunching of WB service vessel from China ports and clashes with EB service vessels. Priority is given to export calls to relieve the yard density which is around 80%.
  • As a precautionary measure, crew change and vaccination of crew will be temporarily suspended in the Port of Singapore: Crew with recent travel history to Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe within the last 14 days preceding arrival to Singapore.


  • For Westports, the average berth waiting time has increase to 48 hours and yard utilization is around 82%. Delays are from Bunching of vessels, berth congestion, accumulated delays from last port China.
  • For Northport, berth on arrival and yard utilization is 80%. Vessel berthing priority is as per ETA on window and vessel loading moves.
  • Due to the power disruption, 7 quay cranes out of 67 are not usable. A few vessels at berth were impacted because the working cranes had to be resequenced. No further impact is expected.


  • Laem Chabang – The berth waiting time of HPT is 3 to 6 hours for THEA vessels. Yard utilization: HPT: Terminal C – 51% and Terminal D – 59%. Reason for delays: Vessel bunching, accumulated delays from previous ports. COVID-19 screening onboard process is taking around 0.5-1 hours for every ship.

New Zealand - Auckland

  • No specific issue, stops or slow downs. 
    In machinery spaces one person at a time allowed.
    • Additional cleaning after change of shift
    • Hampers ability to maximize vessels and limited to at times proforma exchange.
    • Delays to already out of window services. (96% of services coming to AU are late)


  • Average waiting time for all Australian ports is 3 days. Berth priority on proforma window vessel and may have longer waiting time, up to 7 days on off window vessel. Sydney Patrick terminal waiting times 1 to 4 days.

Railway Operations
No reported issue nor known disruption

Truck Availability


  • Local trucking within Shanghai is normal however cross province trucking to/from Jiangsu province with very strict road control that is leading to road congestion. The drivers should have Epidemic prevention pass before they can drive in Shanghai. The electronic Epidemic prevention pass would be released to driver if they have a green health code and PCR test within the last 48 hours.


  • Increase of Diesel price is affecting trucking rates and constraints faced to obtain additional trucking capacity 

Barge / Feeder Availability  


  • Reported from PAT of one gantry crane at coastal Terminal (wharf A0.5) break down (from 2 units) caused port congestion and productivity decrease fully impact to BMW shipment have to change mode from Barge to Truck.

Depots / Equipment


  • 24 hours nucleic acid testing report needed for gate in/out depot.

Customer Service

  • If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact your local customer service representative in East Asia  and Oceania
  • For faster BL release at destination, we encourage customers to switch from OBL to SWB however; we do understand that this is not always possible. If any assistance is needed please reach out to your local customer service documentation team.
  • Counter services are open for majority of the offices. For Counter Service Operating Hours, please contact your local office.
  • Many of our staff are back in office, and our contact center remains fully functioning.
  • Thailand - implemented restricted counter service hours in BKK and LCH for drop off and collection of documents
  • Cambodia – building management applied restriction by not allowing visitor’s access. HL have to release documents to customers on every Thursday morning at the ground floor outside the office building. Staff or visitors have to show their staff ID card and vaccination card before they are allowed to enter the office building
  • We recommend that you use our e-tools (Web-Booking and EASI) for submitting bookings and Shipper Instructions.
  • For vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules, please visit the Online Business section on our website.
  • Check out the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator tool for an overall glance of your current shipments.
  • For Dangerous Good Cargo terminal gate acceptance, remember to send us electronic copies of their Export Hazardous Declarations to be uploaded in your DG bookings.

Additional Information


  • Myanmar still under “martial law” with restricted movement and activities.

Yantian, China

  • Local Customs have tightened up COVID-19 control / prevention measures for vessel. The Customs will carry out COVID-19 test for all crew on board if vessel have called Indian ports or have on-signer who have visited or have passed through India in the last 21 days before visiting Yantian; Cargo operation cannot be commenced until the test results, which normally take about 8 hours at daytime, are negative for all crew. In addition, the terminals have restricted ship services such as ship repair, AGM inspection, ship & bunker survey, ship supply etc. All terminals are currently using a contactless mode of cargo operation. With effective from 01-Aug-2021, YICT will not provide onboard reefer plugging / un-plugging service and such service have to be carried out by carrier appointed vendor.

Kaohshiung, Taiwan

  • COVID-19 PCR or ART are required for all ship crews

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