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Operational and Customer Service Updates for North America

Operational and Customer Service Updates for North America

Last update: March 21, 2023


Due to severe weather conditions, vessels heading to North America via the North Atlantic Sea are expected to have a change in schedule.

Port of Vancouver and Prince Rupert - To maximize loading of exports out of specific US Midwest terminals destined to the Port of Vancouver and Port of Prince Rupert, CN will limit loading of all shipments moving in 40’ containers to a maximum of 52,000 lbs. Gross Cargo Weight (exclusive of container tare weight).This new measure will be effective April 10th, 2023 and will only apply to the following CN Intermodal terminals: Joliet, IL; Indianapolis, IN; and Chippewa Falls, WI, destined to Port of Vancouver and Port of Prince Rupert.

Quebec Spring Thaw - Spring thaw impacts both import and export containers, moving through the province of Quebec, Canada. To learn more about latest spring thaw dates please click here to access "CustomerInfo Spring Thaw 2023" under the documents folder.

  • To view our Terminal Gate Status for this week, please click here
  • To view our vessels' latest schedules, please visit our vessel tracker

United States Terminal Operations

New York:

  • 1 day waiting time expected for berth at Global Container Terminals Bayonne, Maher Terminals LLC and APM Terminals.
  • No empty shut out situations at any of the terminals this week.
  • Average gate turn times are 47 / 72 minutes for single and double transactions respectively.
  • There are no Saturday gates planned this week. All terminal gates are closed on March 17, 2023.
  • Snow / rain and high winds impacted vessel productivity and arrivals during period of March 13 – March 15, 2023.


  • Most vessels are expected to berth on arrival, or within half a day. Occasionally vessels may experience a 1-1.5 day(s) delay for berthing.
  • Average gate turn times are 27 / 35 minutes for single and double transactions respectively.
  • Two cranes down at Norfolk Int’l Terminal, however, no operational impact expected.

Charleston Terminal:

  • Waiting time for vessel berthing is up to one day.
  • Average truck turn times are 25 / 19 minutes at Wando Welch Terminal and North Charleston Terminal respectively.
  • Sunday gates are discontinued.


  • Waiting time for vessel berth at the terminal is up to 2 days, depending on the size of the vessel.
  • Average gate turn times are 31 / 51 minutes for single and double transactions respectively.


  • Barbours Cut Terminal - is expected to experience berth congestion due to high yard utilization, Waiting time for vessel berthing is up to 1 day.
  • In June 2022, PHA implemented Saturday gates at Bayport and Barbours Cut Container Terminals to provide additional hours to move cargo. Since these additional hours are not being well-utilized, the final Saturday gate offered is April 29, 2023.
  • Average gate turn times is 36 min.


  • Vessel berthing delays are expected due to the influx of imports.
  • Average wait time of up to 6 / 13 days at Oakland Int’l Container Terminal (OICT) and TraPac respectively.
  • Average import deliveries can take up to 3 / 5.6 days at OICT and TraPac respectively. As yard space becomes available, boxes from TraPac will move to accessible areas for delivery.
  • Average gate turn times are 56 / 55 minutes for OICT and TraPac respectively.


  • There are no vessel berthing delays in Tacoma, however, in case of delays at departure ports overseas, delays between 0-2 days are expected.
  • Import deliveries may take up to 6.7 days at HUSKY - due to EB/WB rail car imbalance, 0-2 days at Washington United Terminal and 0-2 days at T18.
  • Availability of rail cars in Union Pacific Rail and BNSF Rail continues to fluctuate weekly. This week has seen a significant lack of cars for the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways.
  • Average gate turn times are 32 / 40 / 35 minutes for T18, Washington United Terminal and HUSKY respectively.
  • T18 and Washington United Terminal will be closed on March 17 and March 24, 2023. Husky will be closed on March 31, 2023.

Los Angeles/Long Beach:

  • All terminal gates are running as published and in line with Pier Pass program
  • Port of Los Angeles dwell times for local import cargo is 3.4 days, on-dock rail dwell is 3.9 days and import units on street is averaging at 9.8 days. Additional details can be found here.
  • Port of Long Beach dwell times for local imports are stable and average terminal gate turn time is between 24 - 56 minutes, depending on the terminal. Additional details can be found here.


Canada Terminal Operations


  • No berth congestion and ships are working immediately once alongside. Yard utilization at GCT has decreased and is presently at 82%. It is expected that this will remain steady over the next 7 days.
  • Rail productivity remains below expectations due to reduced car supply by both rail providers. Dwell times have increased to 8.7 days; however, it is expected that the older cargo on dock will be cleared out in the next 3-5 days.

Prince Rupert:

  • Yard utilization has come down significantly to 54%. The terminal no longer requires a 100% match back until March 31, 2023.
  • Berth delays are minimal and once alongside, vessel productivity is high.
  • Rail dwell times are 8.0 days.


  • A high number of vessel calls are expected into Montreal over the next 7 days after experiencing severe weather on the North Atlantic. Once alongside, productivity is high, and vessels are not faced with additional delays. There are no issues with labor availability, and we are seeing good productivity in the yard.
  • Import rail dwell times are 1.7 days as a result of improved railcar supply.

Saint John:

  • Vessels are arriving in Saint John off schedule due to severe weather on the North Atlantic, once alongside, ships are experiencing minor delays with respect vessel productivity.
  • Dwell times on terminal are presently at 3.9 days.


  • Vessels calling into Halifax are not facing any significant delays. Rail dwell times are presently at 3 days.


Chassis Pools:

  • All pools operating as normal at all tracked locations


Intermodal Operations

We can secure truck power within 1-3 days for majority locations which includes marine terminals, rail ramps and depots.

  • Locations that require 4-5 day lead time: New Orleans, LA / Mobile, AL / Houston, TX / Baltimore, MD / Philadelphia, PA / New York, NY.

For updated information on ramps, please visit our Rail provider websites for service updates, embargo, and any restriction details. 

  • Canadian Pacific RR (CP) – link here
  • Canadian National RR (CN) - link here
  • Union Pacific RR (UP)
  • CSX RR – link here
  • Norfolk Southern RR (NS) – link here
  • Burlington Northern Sante Fe RR (BNSF) –
    • Locations small map here
    • Locations large map here    

Customer Service updates

  • Our office has relocated and the address from September 1, 2022 is:
    Hapag-Lloyd (America) LLC
    3 Ravinia Drive
    Suite 1600
    Atlanta, GA 30346

  • All invoice payments and Original Bill of Lading remittances are to be re-directed to the new address.
  • For Change of destination (COD) requests please use our e-form here.
  • Please check our local website here for additional local solutions and information.
  • You can do all your transactions digitally – from placing a booking to sending shipping instructions. Booking amendments can be made through our below-listed e-Booking channels:
    • Bilateral EDI connection between ERP systems
    • Integration with portals (INTTRA / GT Nexus / Cargosmart)
    • Hapag-Lloyd booking amendment form
  • To monitor your shipments, please use the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, our new one-screen dashboard with real-time view on all your shipments. Alternatively, visit our Online Business Suite  for vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules information.
  • For faster BL release at destination, you can switch from OBL to SWB; however, we do understand that this is not always possible.
  • If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your local customer service representative in Atlanta, Long Beach and Canada. Remember to view our case management video below that explains the process for managing your communication with our centers.

Vessel updates and port changes per service

To view our vessels' latest schedules, please visit our vessel tracker.

Atlantic Services

Atlantic Loop 2 (AL2) service

  • The AL2 service will change rotation to New York – Philadelphia – Norfolk. New York second call omission extended until week 24, 2023.

Atlantic Loop 4 (AL4) service

  • MV Brooklyn Bridge to be replaced by the MV NYK Themis V084, expected to arrive in Veracruz, Mexico on April 7, 2023.

Atlantic Loop 5 (AL5)

  • The structural omissions of Tacoma, Vancouver and Los Angeles East bound are extended until week 27, 2023.
  • MV NYK Meteor V076W will omit Halifax, March 31, 2023.

St Lawrence Container Service – Route 1 (AT1)

  • MV MSC Tuxpan added to the service and expected to arrive in Montreal, Canada on March 24, 2023.

St Lawrence Container Service – Route 2 (AT2)

  • No schedule updates for this week.

St Lawrence Container Service – Route 3 (AT3)

  • Bi-weekly frequency, until further notice.

Mediterranean Canada (MCA)

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Mediterranean GULF Express (MGX)

  • MV Dublin Express V01W12 will only discharge cargo in Veracruz, Altamira, and Houston, and subsequently phase out on April 14, 2023.
  • MV Seoul Express V07E13 will omit Norfolk, April 5, 2023.
  • MV Teno V01E15 will phase into service at Veracruz, Mexico on April 15, 2023.
  • Structural Norfolk omission with effect from MV Altamira Express V09E14.

Turkey East Coast Service (TNE)

  • MV Melchior Schulte to transfer to Turkon operation at New York on April 11, 2023

Asia Services

East Coast Asia Loop 1 (EC1)

  • Revised East Coast port rotation New York - Norfolk - Charleston - Savannah will come into effect from MV Hyundai Dream V049, May 15, 2023.

East Coast Loop 2 (EC2)

  • Revised East Coast port rotation Savannah - Charleston - Wilmington - Norfolk will come into effect from MV Hyundai Pride V045, May 4, 2023.

East Coast Loop 4 (EC4)

  • Revised East Coast port rotation Norfolk - Savannah - Charleston - New York will come into effect from MV ONE Munchen V034, May 10, 2023.

East Coast Asia Loop 5 (EC5)

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Pacific Coast Loop 4 (PN4)

  • No schedule updates for this week.

Pacific South Loop 6 (PS6)

  • The PS6 service will omit Oakland until week 16, 2023

Pacific South Loop 7 (PS7)

  • The PS7 service will omit Oakland until week 13, 2023

Pacific South Loop 8 (PS8)

  • MV HMM Promise V030W will change terminal at Oakland to Oakland Int’l Container Terminal (OICT)

India America Express (IMX)

  • The IMX service will omit Savannah and Charleston until week 18, 2023.
  • MV Frankfurt Express V3112 will phase into service, expected to arrive in New York on April 19, 2023.
  • MV COSCO America V3114 will replace MV OOCL Washington, expected to arrive in New York on May 6, 2023.
  • MV Seaspan Beacon V3116 to replace MV NYK Altair, expected to arrive in New York on May 17, 2023.
  • MV Kyoto Express V3120 will replace MV Navios Constellation, expected to arrive in New York on June 14, 2023.

India America Express 2 (IN2)

  • MV Swansea V007W will only discharge cargo in Norfolk, Charleston, and Savannah, and subsequently phase out of service on April 6, 2023.
  • MV Myny V007E will phase into service at Norfolk on April 8, 2023.

LATAM Services

South America East Coast Service (SEC)

  • The SEC service will reinstate Norfolk effective MV Monte Olivia V311N/315S on April 15, 2023.

California Central America Express Service (CCE)

  • No service updates for this week
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